The A-HA! Moment…

At some point in your life, you’re going to have two moments that will blow your mind

The first is what I call your “A-ha” moment.

This is the point where you realize that there is something terribly wrong with what you once believed about women and dating…

And that most of what you were taught about women and attraction is complete BS.

This A-ha moment is usually brought about by something you learn or read… for example, finding out that women don’t actually like “nice guy” behavior.

Or that it’s NOT your looks that women are most interested in – it’s your attitude and confidence level.

Or that it’s not WHAT you say to women – it’s HOW you say it…

My own A-ha moment came when I was meeting women online dating a few years back, and I saw that I wasn’t getting very many responses. And the ones that did meet me for coffee or lunch treated me like I had just stepped out of a horror movie.

Sure, it would have been really easy to blame women for that. After all, no one wants to think they’re unattractive to women. It’s easier to make it their fault, and spend years crying the blues over it in the corner of some dark bar.

“Yeah, women… Who understands them?”

I used to hear guys like this all the time.

And then I became one of them.

Eventually, you learn to keep it all inside.

But then, at some point down the road, the second critical moment occurs– the Breaking Point.

The breaking point is usually an event that just pushes you over the edge into action.

It could be watching some woman you want fall into the clutches of a “bad boy” who steals her from you.

It could be going the umpteen-millionth date with a woman, ending in her saying, “Let’s just be friends.”

It could be using an online dating site and not meeting ONE woman – after weeks of trying.

The breaking point could be being ignored by women at bars and clubs where you go, and feeling like an outsider.

It could be having your girlfriend cheat on you with some guy she met last night on the bus home.

It could be spending weekend after weekend at home alone.

It could be calling your ex-girlfriend up out of desperation and hearing some other guy in the background. And you realize she’s moved on.

The fact is that I’ve had ALL of those happen to me at some point. So I do know how it feels.

And when that breaking point happens, you decide it’s finally time to do something and get this part of your life HANDLED.

Once and for all.

You clench your teeth and shake your fists to the sky…

Watch out!

That’s the moment right there.

That’s the moment when things change for you.

Where are you right now?

Are you reading this, just happy to be entertained by Carlos Xuma‘s witty articles on this subject?

Are you just trying to pick up a “tip” or two that you can use?

Or are you ready to dig in and finally discover the secrets to attracting the women you want, so that you never have to spend a weekend at home alone?

If you want to be entertained, fine. I can do that for you. I’ll even post a review of some gadgets that you might like coming soon.

But if you’re ready to step away from the pack, to be the kind of guy that most other guys are jealous as HELL of…

You might want to take a few steps forward on another track…

This path that I’m suggesting is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not for the guy that wants to be comfortable all the time – knowing that this is crushing his spirit.

It’s not for the guy that wants to sit in front of the flat-screen all night long – living someone else’s mediocre life.

It’s not for the guy that just wants to keep struggling to get by, either.

It’s a path where you not only live a better life – an Alpha Lifestyle – but you also get better stuff in life.

And I’m not just talking about the material stuff, like money and cars and whatever.

I’m not even talking about being permanently upgraded from coach to first class…

I’m talking about living on the “private jet” of life.

Better women…

Higher status…

More confidence and success…

Waking up with a secure feeling that you not only know who you are, but why you’re here. You’re in touch with the passion of your life.

A lot of guys these days are scared of this kind of talk. After all, the economy is in the crapper (worse than many really understand.) The job climate is dog-eat-dog. People everywhere are running into the brick wall of Reality everywhere you look.

I’ve noticed a distinct change in attitude in people that I talk to every day. They’re turning selfish and angry.

But the thing most people don’t know is that we’re also in a turning point in history.

There is a lot of promise and possibility up ahead, for the guy who dares to want to WIN.

Yeah, there’s a lot of guys out there with their head stuck in the sand.

Someone asked me recently what the problem is these days – why it’s so hard for men to get success with women. I told her it was a combination of women being too masculine and men being too feminine…

But ultimately that’s an over-simplification, even if it is true on a lot of levels.

And I don’t like to get too caught up in the WHY of it all. I’m not here to change society – but I am trying to change the world.

I want men everywhere to finally get what’s coming to them.

Stay tuned, and watch the skies… things are starting to get interesting around here.

Live The Alpha Lifestyle – Unleash your masculine confidence to meet any woman, create lasting attraction, and get everything you deserve as a man…


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