Confidence: Part 8 – Belief

Hey, it’s Carlos – I’ve got a guest article from my good buddy Spike today…

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Are you the kind of guy that deserves a hot woman in his life? Or several? Are you a “one in a million” guy? A catch? Do you know without a doubt that you can spend time with any woman and be comfortable?

Can you be certain that you can please your woman and make her feel a strong attraction to you? Do you enter a room and walk with pride, not worrying what others think about you? I am, I can, and I have.


Is this a boast? Nope. It’s a proven fact. Why can I say this? Because I worked my ass off to learn how, that’s why. And you can do the same. You are reading this because you are in the process too.

And I truly think that is awesome. Good on ya! If you keep working, there will come a time, when you realize that yes, indeed, you are deserving, women are attracted to you, and you know how to make them feel very very good.

I went to college to train as an actor. I took all the classes and did all the work. I got an agent, started doing auditions, landed some roles here and there, but I was young and green. I was cocky, as so many young, testosterone fueled fellas are, but I was not truly confident.


After a few years in the field, lots of failure, and a whole lot of getting back up, dusting myself off, and starting over again, I got very good at what I do. One day, it hit me. I know my shit! I’m a professional!

At that very moment, I believed. From then on, I went in to auditions without a care. I realized that I was good and, as long as I did my best, it didn’t matter whether I got the part or not. I now had a level of confidence that is only possible when you believe in yourself and your abilities.

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