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My good friend Nathan just wrote up this exclusive article for you guys… He’s also giving away some free fitness videos on his site, and I’m going to give you that link, too. He’s got some great exercises for abs that I’ve been using lately, and you need to see these…

“Do You Shape Up For Sex?”

I think most guys at one time or another have wondered why women or that specific woman may not be attracted to them. At first glance it looks like all the right pieces are there but things just don’t quite materialize as we think they should. Many times this is when you start to wonder is there something outside of your control; is there something missing.

There are different camps out there when it comes to what really attracts women.

Some say it really is all personality and that, if you learn the attraction techniques and mindset you will be able to attract gorgeous women in your sleep.

While I do believe it’s very important to learn these skills, I think some focus too much on it and rationalize to themselves it’s all they need. If they can memorize every line, be prepared for any scenario they are in a sense bullet-proof and ready for success.

Then there’s the group that thinks all you need is big shoulders, big chest and a six pack and you will have women dragging you home to have their way with you.

I don’t agree with this either because I don’t care how built you are, that will only last so long if you can only muster shallow, personality lacking conversation.

Again, there is value in taking care of your body not only for physical appearance, but also how it affects confidence and mindset. As a man you want to become the ultimate package and to do that one must look at the whole picture.

There is a place in the middle; the truth very rarely resides in the extremes so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. The biological factors that come into play that most men are not aware of.

Research has actually been done to look deeper into why some women are attracted to certain guys and why some are not.

For example, Polish scientists discovered that when it comes to choosing a man, the more sexy and curvaceous a woman is the more importance she places on a man’s looks.

Curvier women tend to have more estrogen and a greater maternal urge to find a partner who looks like he will produce strong babies, provide for and protect a family.

Women are wired to be attracted to certain physical traits just as they are to behavior, confidence and success. Without trying to sound barbaric you see this in nature over and over again. When it comes to mating, whether you’re talking about lions or even chimpanzees, the more powerful dominant males have more success.

The weak and more submissive males are beaten up, last to eat and many times they are almost forced to go out on their own or die. We’re not talking about animals; however, the similarities in sexual behavior are undeniable.

According to David Frederick and his team of researchers at UCLA, muscular men are likely to have more sex partners than their less-physically impressive competition. They also found that muscular men are twice as likely to have had more than three sex partners as less muscular men.

Their research suggests men with muscles are comparable to elaborate tail feathers in male peacocks: They attract females looking for a masculine mate. “Women are predisposed to prefer muscularity in men,” said study author David Frederick of UCLA.

Interestingly enough there are some studies out there that say women are more concerned with how much money men make and their level of commitment. Fredrick of UCLA found that muscularity and physical characteristics actually mattered more.

In the study 141 women were asked to look at six standardized silhouettes of men ranging from more muscular to slender. “Most preferred a toned man who was more likely to commit over a muscle-bound man they perceived as more volatile, aggressive and dominant.”

So here’s the deal, women are not looking for some muscle bound maniac but rather a guy who’s in shape enough that it’s noticeable and also displays behavior consistent with commitment.

Here we are again back somewhere between the extremes. As I said before, most times we find the truth somewhere in the middle; life is about balance and it’s a man’s job to find it. He that can accomplish this will live a life to be envied and enjoyed.

So at the end of the day it’s important for us as men to learn the laws of attractiveness and the behaviors that are consistent with those laws. It’s equally important to understand certain biological factors are at play that just can’t be avoided. Women are wired to be attracted to the physical as much as the behavior and confidence you project. Take care of the mind and take care of the body.

Think about this, you may be funny, have that attractive magnetic personality but if the guy who is muscular and physically in balance does too who do you think is going to be leaving with her at the end of the night.

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By the way, Nathan Hopkins is a men’s fitness and weight loss expert. His primary focus is not only to help men feel more powerful but to look the part as well. Through his 3X Method he helps guys find the physique that women biologically cannot help but be attracted to.

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