Secret of Attracting Women

The secret of attracting women is not rocket science. But what most men are surprised to discover is that their ability to attract women really stems from something deep down inside. Here are three key secrets that will make your journey successful:

Secret of Attracting Women:

1. Confidence. Too many men put the horse in front of the cart. What I mean by that is too many men study up on clever pick up lines and magic tricks and funny stories to tell when they really need to back up and make sure the most important foundation is in place in order to attract women: their self-confidence.

Hands down, more than good looks, more than money, more than an impressive career or home or car, having a big heap of good old-fashioned self-confidence will be more important in attracting women.

Go back to the drawing board, if necessary and work on boosting your self-confidence. Take yourself off the market for a bit and focus inward on what you need to do to build your confidence level. Do some soul searching first and figure out just what stands in your way. Is it a rough childhood? Maybe some psychotherapy can help overcome that obstacle. Is it a stutter? Hire a speech coach. Is it that extra weight around your belly? Join a gym or start exercising and eating right.

Take the time right now to do everything in your power to bring your self-confidence to its highest level ever.

2. Appearance. Once you’ve got that confidence level at its maximum, working on your appearance is just the icing on the cake. Your confidence will attract them, but let’s sweeten the pot by removing any possible obstacle your appearance might throw up.

What I mean by that is that it is more important to ensure there is nothing off-putting about your appearance, than it is to be attractive. You can be an average looking guy and if you are also a sloppy dresser that will be a huge strike against you. You can be an average looking guy, however, who dresses nice, is impeccably groomed, and has a bit of style and your attraction level will skyrocket!

Believe it or not, women notice things like this. In addition, if you don’t take care of your appearance and the first impression you make, it reflects on your love of yourself. Taking time to dress nice and be well-groomed instantly conveys that you respect yourself.

3. Loving life. Now that seems like something that is as big as the universe and possibly as unattainable if you’ve had a rough one, but I think possibly the most attractive thing to a woman is showing that you have a life and love it.

There is something undeniably attractive about being around another person who loves life. It is contagious. Everyone will want to be around you. That’s also called charisma. Start looking at the world in a new way, appreciating the small things. Make it clear that you don’t need a woman to be happy. You are happy and you just want to share that with her.

If you follow these three tips, you are living a life that is the essence of the secret of attracting women.


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