How To Attract Women: 6 Things To NEVER Say

Don’t Show Off Loser Status

This has to top my list of things to not reveal on a date with a woman. It should be obvious, but I can’t believe how many guys I hear in restaurants saying sh*t like this.

1.  “I still live with my parents.” Dude, is there any way that she will find this attractive? No. But since it’s a fact of your life, you have to put it out there differently: “I’m currently living at home for about 3 months while I save expenses. I had to get some things squared away, so it actually made sense. Don’t worry, I don’t have any posters of superheroes on the wall. And I KNOW you’re jealous.”

2.  “Can you chip in for the date?” Chicks don’t dig cheap guys. Hell, GUYS don’t dig cheap guys. So save a little money, and use my suggestions for a good inexpensive date. (HINT: The most inexpensive dates are the ones you’re most likely to get laid on.)

3.  “What’s the cheapest thing on the menu?” Again, if you’ve got financial issues, maybe you should be focusing your energy on resolving them instead of dating right now. It would go a long way towards bolstering your confidence. And if you do date with no money, you need to work a little harder to make it fun without the $. But trust me, you don’t need to spend to get some.

4.  “Want to see pictures of my cat?” Chicks like cats. Guys can like cats – and even own them – but you don’t advertise it. Instead, let her find out on her own. I highly encourage you to get a dog, though. You’ll get way more attention, and the dork factor is reduced greatly.

5.  “I lost my job/just got fired.” Again, falls under the heading of – are you trying to MAKE her run away? Seriously, you need to have your ducks in a row if this is your situation. You need to A) have a good explanation, and B) a good plan for what you’re going to do next. Don’t ever think for one second that laziness and a lack of ambition are attractive to women.

6.  “I didn’t think anyone would like my online profile.” This just oozes “lack of confidence.” Drop the insecure act right now. If you’re thankful to get the date, you’re going to be walked over like a front doormat. Beggars can’t be choosers, but they also don’t have to sound so wussy. Express your gratitude when you nudge her in the morning for wake-up hanky-panky.

Jeez, I can’t believe I just used the term “Hanky panky.”

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