Ways Guys Can Attract Girls

When it comes down to it, you attract women not by how you look, but by what you say.

Words have power and the ability to spark attraction.

Haven’t you ever had the experience of being attracted to someone until they open their mouth and then that attraction flies right out the door? Well, by learning a few powerful tips and techniques about conversation, you can use your words to attract women. Here are some powerful conversation techniques below.

Ways Guys Can Attract Girls Tips:

1. Make sure you are talking about big ideas. People like the grandiose. Avoid wandering off into topics that are insane or sound too fantastic, but talk big.

For instance, share your wildest dreams. Don’t be afraid to talk about your vision for the future – not only your future, but also the world’s future. By talking about your dreams, such as being your own boss, becoming a chess master, and having a family, you will cast a spell on the woman you are talking with. Women love men with dreams, aspirations, and lofty ambitions. You know what you want and by talking about it and sharing it, you prove you aren’t afraid to go get it. That is magnetic.

2. Stand out from the crowd. When you talk about yourself, make sure that you give the impression that you are in a whole different clique from the rest of the world. You want to show you believe you are among the elite. Differentiate yourself from others by talking a little bit about how you get the VIP treatment at certain places. Make her feel that you are part of an elite group she can join. It gives her a sense of escape. Not all women will respond to this, so you have to feel it out with each woman. But most women will love to hear stories that captivate and show her you live outside the norm. Learn how to do this without being a braggart. Tell her these stories naturally.

3. Let her in on your adventuresome, risk-taking side. This doesn’t include conversation about stupid or foolish risks you’ve taken, but more about things you have done that show you live your life to the fullest and aren’t afraid. For instance, you might say you hiked the Inca trail or that you once lived alone in the woods for three months with just a tent and a bow and arrow. Whatever you’ve done that shows you aren’t afraid to live an adventuresome life is worth talking about. It might be how you quit your job and sold all your belongings to travel cross-country for six months. It’s your story. Again, make sure you aren’t bragging, but just expressing excitement about how doing this made you feel.

4. Show how you are a provider and protector.

There isn’t much more attractive than a man who talks about his loyalty and desire to protect those he loves not matter what. Talk about your allegiance to your family or even the close-knit group of friends you consider family. A man who is willing to lay down his life for those he cares about is extremely attractive to women.

5. Show how you are a leader in your life.

Being a leader doesn’t mean you have to be the president. It only means that you point out areas in your life where you take the lead. It might be with your volleyball team. It might be within your group of neighbors. Wherever it is, show how you lead and move others to act.

These are some ways guys can attract girls.


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