How To Approach Women

One of the simplest skills you’ll ever master is learning how to approach women. The next time you meet a woman you really like, follow these steps and you’ll have no problem opening the conversation and initiating her interest.

Your mindset: You have to cultivate a relaxed psychological state by reminding yourself that you are a man – hell, THE man! – and you have a thousand and one choices out there (you’re not going to say or show that to her of course). It will enhance your vibe! So be cool and don’t get all jittery and scared. After all, even if you get turned down it won’t be the end of the world, will it?

Create eye contact prior to your approach: Eye contact can do a great deal for you. If she holds your gaze and looks in your direction from time to time, take it as a positive sign.  And a big secret here: her eyes should give you the first clue for how to approach women from her perspective. She’ll flirt with her eyes in a way that reveals her personality and the way she wants to be approached.

Show self-confidence: People demonstrate confidence (or timidity) in numerous little ways; your body language, the way in which you speak, a vocal tone, eye contact, body posture, positioning of the hands, and so on. All of these are vital and produce a measurable effect on the level of attraction she will feel for you.

Smile: This is the most important aspect because it creates the first impression. However, smiles can easily appear like nervousness, so you’ve got to be skillful at it. You can rehearse it in front of the mirror until you feel comfortable with it and until it appears natural.

Compliment her indirectly: Even if you think it’s not new to her: Everyone loves to hear a little praise, and there’s always something to appreciate in everyone. However, don’t blow the trumpet too loud or she’ll see it as cheap flattery.

Stay away from clichés and rehearsed pick up lines: Employing a cliché will make a woman feel that you’re trying too hard to get a date with whoever will give in to your line. Take the conversation in an intelligent direction. Your conversation should be smart and related to what’s going on right where you are.

That doesn’t mean that you start talking about political issues or football with her- you don’t want her to doze off.  You’re trying to get to know the woman in the fastest, most direct means possible. So get her talking about herself! Apply this in the unlocking of both who she is as a person, and what you’ve to do to move the conversation deeper into rapport.

Listen to her: This is a crucial aspect of how to approach women. Just don’t continue blabbing on and on. You must listen to what she says and concentrate on her. Look into her eyes with cool desire. This should make her feel like she’s the most desirable woman in the world: It never fails to work.

Bring it home: You have to ask for what you want. Don’t expect her to do it for you. Then, when you do, be straight, cool, confident, and don’t ask her – TELL her. Say something like, “Here, write your home phone number here and I’ll call you sometime so we can continue this conversation.”

Don’t be too aggressive: Even if you do approach a woman in a bar or club, don’t be too pushy. If she’s not comfortable giving her number, accept it and move on. Remember my motto: NEXT! If she says yes or no, NEXT!

Take your leave: You always want to be the one to end the interaction. Don’t over-stay your welcome. Close, get her number, and move on…


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