Wow… Are women really this bad?

I was surfing around on IMDB when I came across this review of the “Sex and the City” movie. His opinions are pretty strong, but I can’t help but feel that there is an undercurrent of truth in what he’s saying.


The End of Anything Honorable About Western Women

When I was a young boy I remember being around women like my mother, grandmother, sister, aunts, cousins, friends. I remembered that women were kind and generous and caring.

As I got older (I am now 27) a peculiar shift in women occurred. For one I started to like them obviously but secondly I noticed that women started to become pompous arrogant divas. I was about 19 when I started to realize that the typical American woman is one of the most spoiled, arrogant, selfish people the world has ever really known. What was the reason for this I wondered.

As I went through college I paid attention to women’s behavior whom I went on dates with, whom I dated for long periods, and whom I worked with and was friends with. I notice that most young women are very, very similar and they incorrectly think their “free spirits” when, in fact, their hearts and souls are owned by industry and shallow trinkets. Why? One reason: Movies and TV shows like Sex and the City, People magazine, America’s Next Top Model, All things MTV, Celebrities, etc. Suburban white girls who suffer from PPS (Pampered Princess Syndrome)

This movie possibly represents all that is wrong with the woman America is producing. It also reflects the pathetic depths to which once proud American men have sank to in order to appease Ms. Princess. This movie celebrates being a high priced whore, what a great message for young women. I thought we were supposed to encourage, “being yourself and having high self esteem” funny really, that women create images for themselves that are the opposite of what they preach.


Besides being a tad generalizing, and the slight tone of anger in his review, he has some points here.

What do you think? Comment on this post – I’d love to hear what you think about it…


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