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In addition to claiming your "How To Approach & Flirt With Women" downloadable CD, why not also invest in this "full load" PLATINUM Package. (You also get to download all your CDs with your order instantly, too!) Or, scroll down to take advantage of the original free downloadable CD offer.

Here's what you get with the amazing "PLATINUM PACKAGE" which includes ALL of the following:

1. Approach Women NOW: Attitude & psychology - Get motivated CD 1: the first Audio CD covering how to motivate yourself to approach - how to overcome your approach fears, how to prepare to meet more women than you know what to do with... (Value $79.77) PLUS... 

2. Approach Women NOW: Attraction Body Language & Exercises CD 2: The second Audio CD reveals how to talk to women, how to communicate with body language, how to avoid mistakes that most guys make meeting women. (Value $79.77) PLUS... 

3. Approach Women NOW: Approach System CD 3: The third Audio CD reveals the complete process to meeting & approaching women - including Carlos' trademarked Real Game™ system of "AIM" approaching (Value $79.77) PLUS... 

4. Approach Women NOW: Example Approaches & Power Tools For Approaching CD 4: The fourth Audio CD contains every trick, tactic, formula, shortcut, strategy and jealously-guarded secret I've got in my arsenal to approach women without fear or rejection. (Value $79.77) PLUS... 

5. Approach Women - Shortcut Notes & Reference -- Including all the notes from the program and shortcut reference sheet with all the quick approach openers ready for you to use (Value $49.97) PLUS... 

6. Approach Coach Booster Audio E-zine - Can you imagine how great it would be to get ongoing coaching and motivation from Carlos AFTER you've completed the Approach women NOW program? You'll receive a regular audio update from me giving some of my best approaches and tactics for meeting women - anywhere & anytime. You'll get the latest and greatest tips on how to get women interested in you using my proven techniques for meeting women. (Value $129.97) PLUS... 

7. Access To Carlos' Lost Podcast Archive:  Through this special one-time offer, you can get the first 30 podcasts Carlos recorded - This is over 15 hours of audio tips and tricks, giving you all kinds of great insider information on meeting women, getting the right level of confidence, handling dating challenges, and everything you could want to know about women and dating. (Value $229.97) PLUS... 

8.Exclusive Top 10 Q&A Ebook-- Carlos' hand-picked Q&A from some of your most common questions - from dating women that are unavailable to the 3 success attitudes every man must have, to how to handle nervousness and multiple girlfriends (Value $49.97) PLUS...

9. Special 45 Minute Consultation Session -- As part of my offer, I'm also going to hook you up with a consultation call with one of Lance Mason's team of trained coaches. They will help you cut through and clear up any roadblocks between you and getting the woman you want. (Value $147.00)


When you invest in it before the expiration date above, you also get to INSTANTLY download all the videos, MP3 audio, the reports and manuals to use right now.

AND you will get the one-on-one 45 minute fast start evaluation call (valued at $147.00).

The total value for the PLATINUM Package is $925.96...

But when you respond before the expiration date -

You Invest Only $97
for the Deluxe Download Package

And you still get your How to Approach & Flirt With Women Downloadable CD
PLUS your FREE one-on-one evaluation call.

There is NO recurring billing whatsoever for this system.

My Iron-Clad "No B. S." Guarantee

When you invest in the Platinum Package, you are fully protected by my extremely generous No Hassle, "No B. S." 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee:  If for any reason - or no reason at all - you are not 100% satisfied with your system and all the great tools, tips, techniques & tactics. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain



Yes, Carlos! I want to know the secrets to meeting women, attracting beautiful, desirable women -
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If you just want to receive your
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There is NO recurring billing whatsoever for this Audio Download.

I'm only going to ask for a modest $7 ONE-TIME membership charge - to setup your VIP data locker...

  • This is information that will give you the edge over all the other guys...

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A few dollars is a ridiculously low investment for a better life.

If you won't spend the cost of 2 cups of gourmet coffee to get the women you want, then there's a good chance a part of you WANTS to fail with women.

I hope that's not true, though.

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I'm only going to ask for a modest $7 ONE-TIME membership charge - to setup your VIP data locker...

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