"Discover The Bad Boy Secrets
That Will Turn Women Into Instant
Love Junkies - Begging To Possess You..."

Put Your Love Life On Steroids
Without Any Shady Tricks Or Manipulation...

CD Marnif you're a guy who's sick and tired of letting the Bad Boys steal all the beautiful women and leave you with nothing, what you're about to read will amaze you...

I've also been the unwitting victim of the "Bad Boy" when he stole my girlfriends and fleeced me of women I should have been able to get with.

It SUCKS to watch these guys at work on women, getting the attention and sex you deserve. I always felt like I was a low status man, pushed around by guys who were loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate.

Sometimes you don't know who to be more pissed off at - the Bad Boy for his "evil" ways, or the women who seem to ignore you and then jump at the chance to be mistreated by one of those guys...

Have you ever thought something like this: "I'm sick and tired of being alone. Why does this jerk get women when I clearly have so much more to offer to her? Why can't I attract the women I want when I am obviously a better catch?"

The KEY To Success With Women -
And The Success Of Every Guy I've Coached -
As Easy As These TWO SIMPLE STEPS...

1) Get rid of the "Nice Guy" behaviors that make women run away from you - or push you in the "just friends" bucket.


2) Get a little more of the "edge" that women want (Because a little goes a LONG way...)

That's a FACT. Whether we want to admit it or not.

What about you? If you're like a lot of other frustrated guys out there...


Look, it's okay...

It's not your fault.

You did the best you could with the information you had.

Now I'm going to help you go even further with your game than you ever thought imaginable, all by using some principles that most guys will never understand how to use in an ethical and responsible way.

In fact, I've got some insights for you that will clear up a lot of your confusion about this whole "Bad Boy" myth. I'm even going to share something about these "bad boys" that most guys never realize - and as a result you may be handicapping yourself in your dating.

I would go to bars, parties, hang out with friends, and no matter what happened I would always run into a "bad boy" type. You know, the guy that was a little obnoxious, but always seemed to charm the women right out from under me...

I Hated The Bad Boy
Because Of What He Could Do, BUT...

But the fact is that as much as I hated him (or said I hated him) the truth is that I was JEALOUS as hell of him.

He was getting the women that I should have been getting, and I knew I was a better catch than him. *I* deserved those women! You ever feel like that?

You know what the WORST trait of the "Bad Boy" is, though?

The Bad Boy doesn't care what you or me - or ANYONE thinks,
because he's out there gaming up all the women for himself...

And he doesn't give a crap if you don't like him or his methods,
because they WORK for him!

Some guys might think this sucks - and a lot of guys might think it sounds awesome.

The Bad Boy doesn't even consider "average" guys like us to be a threat to him because he just hustles and games and wins women over.

But he's not invincible, and you're going to learn how you can beat him at his own game... You'll have the best of BOTH worlds!

Look, women won't admit they bang the Bad Boy all the time to other guys. In fact, she usually won't even admit it to herself! But we know the truth, and it's time to start using the truth to set you free...

What's The Hidden Pattern
In Your Nightmare Of Dating Failure?

I think I know what one part of this pattern is: When a Jerk comes along and screws it up for you, but you were too nice to beat him at his own game.

I had one girlfriend that met a guy on the bus on the way home one night. Apparently he "sweet-talked" her into letting him "stay overnight." She said they "just cuddled," but I know she was full of it.

I was such a "nice guy" that I didn't even break up with her when she told me.

She dumped me the next day.

(GET THIS: She called me a month later, crying her eyes out about how this guy hurt her, and how he was a "jerk." While we're on the phone talking, she got another call. She clicked over and said she had to go - it was HIM on the other line. Incredible. )

I wanted to blame women for this, but it's really not their fault. These guys are so good at their game, I had NO chance.

It was because I had no idea how to KICKSTART attraction like they did so that these women would be interested in me for more than just a meal-ticket. (You know, sometimes we teach people how to treat us. I was being TOO much of a nice guy, plain and simple.)

I've got a happy ending to this story though.

First off, I want to give you a couple tips.

You probably already know this: Women secretly crave the secret sexual fantasy of the "Bad Boy" who whisks her away or seduces her.

And if you don't believe me, just go look at the covers of 90% of the romance novels on the bookstore shelves. Actually, I'll save you the time and effort on this one... They all show a woman being ravished by some "Fabio" looking guy.

You may not like the Bad Boy, but you respect that he's got something you wished you could use on women.

WARNING: What I'm about to tell you could give you nightmares.
I'm not kidding. You may want to skip this next section...

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a good chance a woman you've desired - maybe even dated - has messed around once - or more - with one of these guys. If she hasn't actually slept with him, she's probably fantasized about him - while she probably only thought of you like a brother.

Deep down, that's a fear I knew that I couldn't keep feeling over and over, and I knew I had to cure it for good.

This situation will never happen to you if you arm yourself with the secret formula of the Bad Boy.

Here Is Every Guy's Worst Nightmare...

This is going to be difficult to read, and I almost considered not telling you this. But I want you to know that it's something that every nice guy fears the most:

EVERY GUY'S WORST NIGHTMARE: Finding out that your girl got gamed by an enchanting rogue of a Bad Boy - that she totally surrendered herself to hot multi-orgasmic sex with him...

...while you were out buying her a nice diamond bracelet.

Think it doesn't happen? It happened to ME, my friend, and I vowed that I'd help other recovering nice guys out there get their balls back and never have it happen to them.

You don't want her thinking about HIM - you want her fantasizing about YOU. And that's what using the "Bad Boy" techniques will help you to do.

Never EVER Try To Be THIS Guy...

The one thing I know is that I never want to have to change who I am or become a manipulative rat to be a success with women. It just wouldn't be worth it.

There is a certain kind of guy out there who makes it tough for guys like you and me to get the women we want.

This is the profile of a Dating Criminal. He's dangerous - and DESIRED by most women he comes into contact with. (Even MARRIED women... shhhh!)

Have you ever run into this guy?


The worst part of this is, he seems to get away with it.

And the DOUBLE worst part of this is that women seem to get in line to spend time with him.

Or just to sleep with him!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to figure out what parts worked, and throw all that Jerk behavior in the trash?

Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a place and know that you can attract any woman you want, even if there are bad boys on the prowl, because you've got the heart of the nice guy AND the irresistible charm of the jerk that women can't stop masturbating over?

This will actually make you MORE appealing than any one-dimensional bad boy that only knows how to look good by making other guys look bad.


So Real, It's Scary...

Have you ever seen the 1982 movie "The Last American Virgin"? It's kind of a classic, but at the same time, it's one of the most painful movies for a guy to watch.


Well, if you haven't seen it, let me tell you why it's so agonizing:

The Last American Virgin is a teen coming-of-age film in the same vein as "Better Off Dead" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

Most of the plot involves a group of kids - including Gary, the protagonist - and their numerous failed attempts to have sex for the first time.

Well, Gary is completely in love with this girl at his school named Karen, who has no idea he's interested in her. She's dating a jerk by the name of Rick.

Now, eventually, Rick - the jerk - gets Karen pregnant and dumps her. Gary - being the sweet Nice Guy - decides to help Karen - get this - pay for her abortion by selling most of his possessions and borrowing money from his boss.

After the abortion, Gary and Karen spend the remainder of the weekend alone together in Gary's grandmother's house. They seem to hit it off and Karen invites Gary to her birthday party the following week. Gary scrapes up a few more dollars and buys Karen a gold bracelet for her birthday. (And he hasn't even slept with her yet.)

However, when Gary arrives at the party, his dreams are shattered when he sees Karen making out with Rick in the kitchen. Yes, the same guy that got her pregnant. She's back together with him again.

The film ends with the credits rolling over a close-up of tears streaming down Gary's face as he drives home.

Wow, what a downer, huh?

Here's the thing, though:

I'll Bet Every Guy Out There
Has Had Something Like This
Happen To Him...

Maybe not as extreme as that situation, but I'll bet you've had a woman you desired, who you did everything for, and in the end you didn't get her. Some other "bad boy" or jerk got her instead.

Have you ever been in or heard of a situation like this:

What Is It That These Guys Have?
Is It Some Kind Of Secret Power?

You probably don't want to actually BE this guy - well, not the jerk parts or the manipulative side or the way they're so inconsiderate of women - but we would give anything to figure out what it is that they're doing - and have a strategy for how to NOT be the kid that's crying while he's driving home from another lost girlfriend.


You're probably asking one thing right now:

"How Do I Get That Kind Of
Success With Women
Without Turning To The Dark Side?"

It's actually really easy...

And, like I said, you don't want to BE a jerk. You just want to use his formula to get his kind of success with women.

If you can't beat 'em, you don't have to join 'em. You can learn HOW they're playing the game, and then have your own counter-tactics that get the same results - but without ever having to hurt women in the process.

What you need is your own Bad-Boy "Central Intelligence Agency" feeding you "intel" and insider information from the other side.

You see, the reality is that women are not turned on by the Bad Boy's anti-social and selfish behavior. She doesn't really enjoy being mistreated, either. What the Bad Boy is doing is creating a set of emotional experiences for her that are wild and volatile - and unique.

It's not the ABUSE that women are seeking from the Bad Boy - but the emotional responses these guys give them that women are so addicted to. It is literally like being a "junkie."

Do You Know A Woman
You'd Like To Win Over...?

There's a BIG side benefit to everything I'm talking about here, too.

I'd be willing to bet that there's a woman out there you're interested in, but you're intimidated to approach or talk to. OR you may have accidentally fallen into "friends only" territory with her. Maybe you're just sick and tired of watching a wonderful woman that you have really strong feelings for get mistreated over and over.

You can rescue her and make her yours.

Here's a secret to winning her over: You have to JUMP START her emotions and attraction for you to get out of the Friends-Only zone. It's like throwing a lit match in a gas tank.

That's right - the only thing that's going to get her interested in you is to show her your "edgy" side so that she thinks "Whoah, there's more to him than I saw before."

And guess what?

The Bad Boy behaviors are that match to ignite her interest in you over the rest of the guys out there.

Here's The Secret To
Dominating The Dating Game Like A Bad Boy...

IMPORTANT FACT: Bad Boys have a fatal flaw in their game that you can exploit...

The reality is that most Bad Boys don't know when to "turn it off" - or HOW. That means that they attract women quickly and powerfully at the start, but they also burn women out just as fast - and he finds it difficult to keep things going with her.

Also, the "natural" bad boy doesn't even understand what it is he's doing. And as a result - he eventually loses his powers after a while.

The "Alpha" Bad Boy - which you will be when you learn his formula - NEVER loses his ability. And you learn how and when to turn it down so that you don't wear out your welcome.

So learning the hidden methods of the Bad Boy Formula will not only help you ignite the passionate fire at the start, but this method will also give you the part he doesn't have: The ability to keep things hot and heavy for as long as you want to keep her!


Now, here are some tips you can use right away...

3 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Gets
Success With Women -
And Nice Guys DON'T....


1. Bad Boys Are Self-Centered...

Let's be very clear about this: Bad Boys never really seem to care that much about getting women. They're always absorbed in their own life, focused on their own fun and enjoyment.

They also command respect.

Bad Boys never let anyone "walk all over them." Ever!

Their self-respect overrides everything else in the world. They will walk away from women that demonstrate any hint that they might disrespect him. (And Bad Boys have special techniques of showing self-respect so that they never have to SAY it, either.)

The fact is that people disrespect us all the time, by wasting our time, energy, and resources - or just injecting DULLNESS into our lives - without even realizing it. The Bad Boy does not let this happen, and is quick to eject out of a boring situation so that he can get his needs met.

This self-centered behavior is a symptom of extreme independence and confidence.

Another trait of the Bad Boy is this...

2. Bad Boys Are Like "Crack"...

Bad Boys are concentrated FUN to a woman.

Yes, they're like a drug, in a lot of ways. And for women, sometimes addicting.

One Bad Boy is enough to ignite a dull party into something much more fun than it was before. And it's not because the Bad Boy is drunk and enabled with alcohol - it's just his 'way.' He has fun for himself *first* and then other people enjoy hanging out with him because of that.

The influence this guy has on a woman's nervous system is just like "crack" cocaine. Here's how the effects are described:

"Crack-cocaine delivers an intensity of pleasure completely outside the normal range of human experience. It offers the most wonderful state of consciousness, and the most intense sense of being alive, the user will ever enjoy.

"She will access heightened states of being... Groping for adequate words, crack-takers sometimes speak of the rush in terms of a 'whole-body orgasm.'"

Not only do Bad Boys have this effect on women, but...

3. Bad Boys Are LOOSE CANNONS...

He's a rebel.

And he's spontaneous.

It's this "risky" side to the bad boy that gives him a mystique that other guys just do NOT have.

Slightly un-predictable, but always interesting because you never know what you're going to get.

The problem is that a true Bad Boy can be erratic and over-the-top, and that can be scary to be around after a while. But again, he's creating an emotional response in a woman that she cannot control.

The good news is that there are ways to show a woman these qualities and get the same emotional responses from her without the exploiting and mistreatment. Which means that...

A Guy Who Uses These Strategies Correctly
Will Demolish The "Bad Boy's" Game
Any Day Of The Week.

Now, if you read those descriptions above and thought to yourself, "But Carlos, that's just not ME. I mean, I'd like to be able to be that kind of guy, but I'd feel fake and weird doing it. That's way too uncomfortable."

I totally agree with you!

When I started hanging out with some of my "jerk" friends, I thought to myself:

"Is THIS what I have to do to attract women? If so, then I'll pass. Thanks anyways."

But as time goes by, you start to reconsider that when you realize that your Nice Guy act isn't getting you squat, and there HAS to be something to the whole Bad Boy thing, right?

I went back and forth on this for MONTHS when I was learning how The Bad Boy Formula worked.

You see, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong - the one big thing that was holding me back...

"This Is Where 90% Of Guys Go Wrong
Get Bitter And Angry At Women..."

You're probably like me - you get angry at these "bad boys" out there that get women and even STEAL them sometimes.

The unknown truth is that these guys that we call "Bad Boys" are actually right on the money!

That's right...

"Bad Boys" and "Jerks" are
NOT the same type of guy.

The guys that we think of as JERKS are the ones doing all the damage - the BAD stuff...

On the other hand, the Bad Boy is the guy that looks like he's hurting her feelings, but he's really the guy who knows how to make sure HIS life comes first.

He's the guy that is being unapologetically MASCULINE. (He's the guy you probably hear me talk about as the "Alpha Man.")

Using "The Bad Boy Formula" Actually
Creates A True Win-Win Situation

You see, what most guys have been calling a "Bad Boy" is really the "Jerk." He's the guy that's out of control, and hurts more people than he attracts. The problem is that the Jerk's strong sense of independence and "take no crap" attitude are attractive to people who are looking for a leader.


The truth is that you can outsmart and outperform the "Jerks" out there just by doing the right thing:

Use the Bad Boy techniques to create a WIN-WIN situation with women.

*SHE* gets a man who knows how to create magnetic and stirring attraction with the right strategy, without any of the emotional pain - and *YOU* get to find, connect with, and KEEP the woman you want.


But The REAL Reason Women
Are Attracted To Bad Boys Like
Flies To Honey Is Because...

The Bad Boy isn't even SLIGHTLY giving off the vibe of the "Nice Guy."

So the point is to unleash the Bad Boy attitude he uses to DEMONSTRATE this UN-Nice vibe.

That's simply all it takes to be the Bad Boy women love!


The Bad Boy:

And the best part of this is that you will be able to ensure that the woman you're with is loyal to you - and you can TRUST her. Because the one thing that women value most is the guy they know can KEEP her feeling attracted to him day after day after day...

And that's what a Bad Boy does best!

Here's The Solution:
How To Light Up A Room
Without Setting It On Fire...

Look, no guy wants to be a jerk to get women. I tried it once or twice and it doesn't work. You might have tried this, too, and then:

1) You feel so disgusted with your behavior, you can't stomach the thought of looking at yourself in the mirror after a while...

2) Even if you can pull it off, you still can't put your heart into it. And you slip right back into the same old Nice Guy behaviors again. Even if they weren't getting you success with women, you'd rather be yourself than some dirtbag, right?

If you were playing someone in a game of cards, and you knew what cards they had in their hand, do you think it would be difficult to beat them?

Nope. You'd know exactly how to bet and how to play the game with them, because they'd have nothing on you. You'd own the game.

Well, that's what The Bad Boy Formula does for you...

1) You will learn all the secret psychological tricks the Bad Boy is using to attract women. I'll explain all the intricate psychological tactics that these guys use. And how they work in a woman's mind to create the kind of obsessive attraction that keeps women addicted to him...

2) You'll learn how to "read the Jerk's cards" in any situation, so you'll know just what to do to counter him and get him to "fold" his hand...

3) You'll learn how to bring out your inner "Bad Boy" - without having to change or turn into the Jerk or be a "dick" to women... EVER!

So for you to make the leap from nice guy to bad boy, you need a blueprint.

A FORMULA for his "secret sauce..."

Using The Bad Boy Formula
Is Just Like Learning
Self-Defense Techniques...

Would you rather learn from a trophy-winning kick boxing and karate guy who's never been in a fight, OR some skinny dude who has won over 200 street fights - even against multiple attackers?

The skinny dude who knows real life techniques is the best choice because he does stuff that works in the real world.

But just because you're learning from him doesn't mean you want to actually get into 200 street fights to learn what he learned. No way! Too painful.

It's the same with Bad Boy techniques - Learning how to be a bad boy doesn't mean you want to learn how to be a jerk or an asshole. It means you want to find out what those sexy elements of the bad boy are so you can make yourself sexier while still being a cool, honorable guy that she can rely on and respect.

Those devastatingly powerful fighting tactics can be used for good as well.

Well, as a martial arts instructor myself, I can tell you that it's far better to have it and NOT need it than it is to need it and NOT have it.

The Bad Boy Formula is something you absolutely MUST know to rule the roost, get the woman you want, and never be afraid some other guy will come along and steal her away from you.


"Here's The Secret Method:
The Bad Boy Formula..."


whole product


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CD Marni

Marni from WingGirlMethod.com will reveal how the Bad Boy works his magic - from a WOMAN'S point of view!


CD Bad Boy Overdrive BONUS: Bad Boy Overdrive

Have you ever watched the "Star Wars" movies? They always talked about the "Dark Side" of the Force - and how to avoid it.

But I always wanted to know what the "Dark Side" training manual looked like, didn't you? Wouldn't you just LOVE a chance to see what the Sith Lords got trained in?

Just so you could understand the Dark Side of the force to do good?

Well, that's what this part of the Bad Boy Formula is about. These are the Secrets that explain the Bad Boy Side Of The Force.

When I was assembling the program, I even considered leaving this section out because I knew it could be abused by unscrupulous guys to manipulate women instead of seduce them ethically and with honor.

In the "Bad Boy Overdrive" part of the program, I devote several hours to explaining the way you can get "Bad Boy Results" with a "Nice Guy Attitude."

I'll show you:


But The Best Part Of All This
Insider Information Is THIS:

You can learn these Bad Boy secrets:


Somewhere out there is a BAD Bad Boy waiting to steal the girl you want - or the girl you've already got. Are you going to let him get away with this...?

"The Bad Boy Formula" is his Kryptonite...

Put his game to shame and claim what you rightfully deserve.


Just Imagine What
Your Life Will Be Like...


And don't forget the costs of NOT knowing how the Bad Boy Formula really works with women. Even worse for you would be the costs and penalties of doing NOTHING...

Look, no one likes being in a state of indecision.

You will feel better right away knowing you've made a decision one way or the other to take care of your "inner nice guy" and get the secrets of the Bad Boy Formula. And the best part is that you can get this complete program right now - instant download - with NO RISKS.

"This Sounds Impressive,
But Will It Work For ME?"

Yes, absolutely.

I created this program to help you - a quality guy with a lot of potential - break out of the common traps that Nice Guys like us fall into.

Once you follow the quick and easy steps in this system, you'll be able to get women attracted to you that you thought were out of your league. You won't have to wait weeks - or months. Haven't you waited long enough already?

This is your license to do what you please and own your authority.

Again, so many guys run around more concerned about making a mistake than they are about taking action to get what they want. I know you don't want that...

And women see that a Bad Boy goes after what he wants - and that's spellbinding to them.

Have you ever been driving your car and realize that it just feels sluggish? Then you punch the gas a little bit, and the car shifts gear with a roar - and your car seems to be UNLEASHED all of a sudden. It's like getting a hundred more horsepower just by pushing a button...

That's what it's like to seize The Bad Boy Formula and use it for yourself. You'll be liberating yourself from all the faulty beliefs that have held you back all these years.


Let Me Answer Your Questions...

QUESTION: How easy is "The Bad Boy Formula" to use?

If you can watch a video and follow some simple directions, you can do this.

Yes, it's that easy - and that fun.

I'm going to be there in every video explaining The Bad Boy Formula, and walk you through the whole program from start to finish.

I'll give you mind-maps to show you how it all fits together. I'm giving you a full reference manual so you don't even have to take any notes while you're watching and listening to the program.

You can even choose to get the complete program in digital audio that you can burn to CD or play on your iPod/iPhone or other MP3 player. You'll get bonuses that walk you completely through this subject from start to finish.

QUESTION: How long will it take?

The Bad Boy Formula is a comprehensive course, but it won't take you longer than a few days to go through it. (You could blast through it in a day, but I wouldn't recommend it - you'd probably have to call in sick to work... :) It's best to take your time and just sit back and watch as I explain all the concepts on the videos.

The best part of The Bad Boy Formula is that you will start learning and using this material RIGHT AWAY. We'll cover the entire lifestyle and methods of the bad boy, as well as translate it into things YOU can do to bring out your inner Bad Boy.

(At the very least, you'll be able to spot these guys in advance, and beat them at their own game by being able to bust them on their techniques.)

QUESTION: How does it work, exactly? How can I know it will work for ME?

In this program, you're going to get a set of powerful videos (as well as many other tools) that completely break down the tactics, techniques, and strategies of the Bad Boy.

Look, most guys will never be a "pickup artist" (and most don't want to) because they know on some level that it's just not realistic for them. They're deep-down "nice guys" who just want to shed a little bit of that "goody-goody" side of them and tap into the part of them that they know they need to let out.

This isn't about changing who you are, or being a manipulative slimeball.

This is a real, usable method that YOU can use. As you probably know by now, I never teach anything that is disrespectful or hurtful to women in any way.



The Bad Boy Formula will get you the results you want - guaranteed - whether you're just looking to improve your own skills with women, or you're looking to make some small tweaks to get more success, or even if you want to do a complete makeover and really start pushing the envelope.

Because the fact is that the next Bad Boy your girlfriend runs into could be her next boyfriend if you're not careful. The only way to really secure your relationship against the evil effects of this guy is to KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

You can't afford to ignore the information that could be your only hope to keep your woman loyal to YOU.


Why Should You Believe Me?

Listen, I bet you're skeptical, and I don't blame you one bit. That's fine.

Here's what you should know...

1. I've been a dating adviser to men for over 10 years now. I've been helping guys get success with women consistently - with my coaching and programs. If you'd like to read what they think of my programs, please click here for my shameless list of testimonials...

And another reason...

2. I've been the Jerk and the Nice Guy. It took me years of work, but I finally figured out the magical "balancing" act you need to do to not be a jerk AND create irresistible attraction with a woman. If you mess this balance up, you wind up with either a woman that likes you like a kid brother, or a woman that thinks you're a complete jerk and avoids you like the plague. The "sweet spot" is where you get to create intoxicating attraction in her where she literally becomes addicted to seeing you and being with you.

And don't forget...

3. I've hung around the Jerks, the Bad Boys, The Complete A**holes, and I've completely broken down their behavior and what works - and what doesn't. These guys would never have let me do this if I'd asked permission, so you're going to get a lot of "insider" detail that most guys never hear. I'm going to completely dissect their game. You're also going to see and understand specific examples of their behavior so that you know what to do to be the Bad Boy she wants, without being the Jerk.


4. This program breaks down the complete "Bad Boy Formula" into a process that ANY guy can use to shed his "nice guy" side that isn't getting him any success with women - AND use the secret psychological techniques that Bad Boys do - without having to change their personality, turn into a Jerk, or hurt women in any way...

And finally...

5. I really hate hype. I'm not one of those guys that's going to promise you the moon and stars and then not be able to deliver it.

Have you ever read a "pickup line" that made you think: "That sounds cool..." But inside you knew you could never really use it on a woman?

Everything I've talked about in this program is something I created and used in real life - stuff that REAL guys like you and me could USE - to get that "Bad Boy Edge" in our game with women. No insane material that makes you recoil in shock and fear - only realistic, ground level tactics and techniques that you will actually put to work right now.

"I am so STOKED about this program (THE BAD BOY FORMULA)!"

While THE BAD BOY FORMULA is not primarily about being masculine, I am finding that Carlos' idea's compliment what I've learned... I am learning so much about how to be the better man that I crave to be, from this program. This is very exciting to me, intellectually, but also practically.

I'm going to study the SHIT out of this program! Then, I'm going to implement the SHIT out of this program! Then, I'll tell you what I've accomplished along with a cool ass review...

I just had to say something because I am so F'in stoked about this program. It's going to get my full attention for a long while.

- John M. Cannon, North Carolina

"It Is Simply The Best I Have Ever Encountered..."

".... I my friend am moved by your stuff...it is simply the best i have ever encountered in all my years on being part of this community.

"Yesterday I sat and listened to your bad boy materials for four straight hours...you should have seen the changes in my attitude that very night!

"One very cute girl in particular was just amazed at the spontaneous cocky funny stuff that was just spouting out of my mouth! no canned routines whatsoever...just pure improv!"

- Jack L. - Montreal

"It's The Product That I've been Wanting All Along..."

"... When I used Carlos' program, I straightened out my behavior. With guys and girls... I'd tell guys to buy [The Bad Boy Formula] before anything else on the list. It's the product that I've been wanting all along but couldn't find..."

- Steve F.

"Get Yourself Together And Take These Steps..."

"I was pretty much halfway there, but still didn't quite know how to bring out my inner bad boy 100%...

"When I used Carlos' program he put thing really into a great perspective. He is authentic, and geniune as well as extremely informative. He gave me a kick in the ass, which really helped me localize what to work on with myself.

"He made me realize, the height issue is MORE in my head, than in the girls heads. It's about projecting more alpha qualities, and authentic "bad boy" qualities than just sitting there in self pity whining over problems.

"...Carlos simply put down understandably what made my ex so keen on having me back, even after i kicked her to the curb.

"I even applied some of these attitudes at work, and received some more respect from people who would usually be nagging bitches.

"Grow a pair of balls, get yourself together and take these steps. You're not getting younger, and if you wanna avoid seeing your favorite girl humping some badboy hunk be my guest. But the sooner you make these changes, the better it is..."

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Thanks man - Deep Love to you... I can't thank you enough, man"

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Definition Spectrum Dark Light Triads

The Bad Boy Definition & Spectrum
The Dark & Light Triads

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Attraction Psychology - part 1 Attraction Psychology - part 2

Attraction Psychology Of The Bad Boy
1 & 2

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Strategy - Big 3 Blade Myths

Bad Boy Strategy - The Big 3
The "Blade & The Myths Module
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SWAT - part 1 SWAT - part 2

SWAT Tactics 1 & 2
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Bad Boy Lifestyle

Bad Boy Lifestyle
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Lock Load Formulas - part 1 Lock Load Formulas - part 2 Lock Load Formulas - part 3

Lock & Load Formulas 1 & 2 & 3
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Reference Examples

Bad Boy Reference & Examples
(Retail Value: $67.00)


Bad Boy Review

Bad Boy Review
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Bustin Balls CaseS tudies

Bustin' Balls Tutorial
Bad Boy Case Studies
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CD FJShark

Interview With FJ Shark - The Jerk That Women Love

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CD Marni

Interview With Marni Kinrys
Insider Secrets Of The Bad Boy - From A WOMAN'S Point Of View

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CD Bad Boy Overdrive

Bad Boy Overdrive 1 & 2 - The Dark Secrets Of Bad Boy Success

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CD Control The Frame

Control The Frame Lesson - Never Lose Control Again

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CD Dean

Interview With Dean Cortez - The Bad Boy Lifestyle

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BONUS 9: The Bad Boy Reference Manuals
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MIND MAPS: Master Attraction Blueprints

Master Attraction Blueprints: The Bad Boy Formula


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