Kai Zen – The Art Of Confidence With Women (Contʼd)

Last time we discussed why your foundation may be weak. Business could be good, you may think you have everything under control, but something is not right.

You may have switched into “provider” mode and are focusing on success.

You have stopped the “courting” phase, and your lady is drifting and you donʼt know why, or maybe you donʼt even see it.

You think you are doing everything right, but something feels wrong.

This goes for whether you are seeing different ladies, or you have found one that you really like and have been together awhile. No matter where you are, the more solid your foundation is, the more solid your game will be.

Kai Zenconstantly improving yourself, can strengthen that foundation and you will be far more aware and in control of your dating and/or relationship status.

If you know something is going wrong, you can fix it!

Maybe you have been in that situation before, or headed there soon. You may already be there and truly not know it, like I was. No matter where you are, it may not be too late to turn it around. You can not only save a dying relationship, but you can strengthen it, and your business success, at the same time.

This is a true win-win scenario.

When you cement your foundation internally, your entire structure solidifies. So start focusing on the root of all your issues – YOU.

“Seek and ye shall find.” We have all heard this before.

Because it is true. It is only a matter of time.

Now is when you must start to strengthen your inner foundation. Regardless of how strong you believe it already may be. Leaders in any industry always stay on top of the game, working to better their businesses and themselves.

If you have been looking, keep it up. If you have not begun, there is no better time than right now!

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Fortunately, foundations can be remade stronger than before. In the real estate biz, I used to hire companies to rebuild fractured, unstable, cement foundations on houses.

Some good, some bad, some really bad and cost me way more than I paid them. But when I found the good ones, I stuck with them. The point is, if you follow the right advice, you can strengthen your foundation better than the original. KEEP LOOKING!

Seek wisely and you will find the right path. The beauty of this search is the change you will not see. It will simply happen. The ladies in your life will see the change in you. By constantly improving who you are on the inside, you automatically become more attractive!

There is no down side to this quest. NONE! You will learn more about yourself, you will understand women more, your business will grow. In some cases, you may realize that you are on the wrong path entirely and you may need to switch your business (or lady) altogether.

Iʼm not advocating divorce, of course, but if you are in an unhappy relationship due to a weak foundation, you may have to adjust all aspects of your life. If you are at a dead end, itʼs time for a U-turn

When you seek, do not search for an answer. You will get many.

Seek knowledge. That knowledge will guide you to where you need to be.

Whether you know it or not, you are becoming more than you realize. One day it will happen. You will simply arrive and realize that you are strong.

And believe me, when a woman senses Kai Zen in a MAN, she knows it!

She will find you, my friend, and she will help you be the most you can possibly be.

A woman who truly believes in and respects you is the bedrock to your foundation. So, by being the best man you can be, constantly and consistently, you will naturally attract the woman you need and deserve.

So take a minute. Self evaluate. Are you truly happy? Is your spouse, girlfriend, and/or family truly happy?

Ask them. Ask how they and others see you as a person. Take nothing for granted.

As a MAN and a leader it is your job to check on these things. If you are afraid of what others think; you have a lot of work to do. You should welcome input, examine it, and execute accordingly what will be of the highest and best use in your life and business.

As you grow, so will everything around you.

Go On, Be Strong

Spike Spencer, the Dating Sage


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