5 Things You Should Lie To Her About

Yes, you should practice honesty with your woman…that’s the healthy way to go.

Truth (not “truthiness”)  is the most important aspect of any relationship – especially when you’re looking forward to moving forward with the girl you’ve got.

But, did you know there’s some stuff that you SHOULDN’T tell her?

The objective here is for you to stay clear of unnecessary tension and make the process of getting to know her as happy and seamless as possible.

#1 Thing you should lie to her about: Your ex was hotter/smarter/skinnier/Etc. than her

Note this carefully – no woman wants to be compared to another.

She wouldn’t want to think she’s inadequate, or a downgrade. Plus she’ll feel like you’re still hung up on your past.

This is definitely a “relationship” killer.


Don’t say stuff like “Well, my ex was really gorgeous… I’m talking MODEL gorgeous.” Or “My ex looked a bit better in that kind of dress.”

Imagine this – she compares you to her ex. Won’t that make you feel weird and insecure too? What if she said, “I think my ex was better in bed.”

Oof… punch in the nads, man.

Obviously, just don’t do it. Instead, let her know she’s the best thing that ever happened in your life.

#2 Thing you should lie to her about: Your family doesn’t like her

Understand that when your relationship goes past the first few dates, and you started inviting her to meet your family, she’ll be thinking of wedding bells – meaning, being a permanent member of your family.

Yep, that’s right. It starts that early for her.


If you’re seriously considering her to be the “ONE” to be with for the rest of your life, don’t tell her for whatever reason your family isn’t crazy about her.

That would crush her little heart.

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