Random stranger warns guy about cheating wife – would you have done the same?

Stumbling on your wife’s infidelity is something you’d least expect while watching a football game, but that’s what happened to this man recently. There he was, enjoying the game, when his wife was apparently texting another guy sweet nothings while he was taking a bathroom break.

It turns out another person behind them saw the whole thing, so he slipped the husband a note after the game ended. So far, no one knows what happened to the couple after that fateful game.

The “Good Samaritan” who took the situation into his own hands has received both praise (mostly from other dudes) and flak for his actions.

And so, that begs the question – if you were in his shoes, would you have made the same call?

As for me, I’m not comfortable with stepping into another guy’s business, whether or not I thought she was in the wrong. I’d feel differently if it was a life or death situation, but that was clearly not the case here.

If it was true that she was cheating, I wouldn’t be cool with that of course. But then I don’t know those people; wouldn’t it be overstepping my boundaries if I butted in?


Prevention Is Key

In any case, cheating is definitely a risk in ALL relationships, no matter the circumstances. Maybe if that football couple had done something earlier on to prevent the alleged cheating, the guy wouldn’t have gotten that note.

Generally speaking, the best way to attack infidelity is on two levels, which is emotional AND sexual.

Let’s face it – those feelings of romance and infatuation will run its course anywhere from a few months to a year. When the time comes that your lives have become somewhat routine and predictable, you need to bring your A-game.

It’s shocking how many guys don’t realize that they tend to get sloppy as time goes by, and it leaves their partners emotionally unsatisfied. Maybe you’re not complimenting her anymore about her new haircut, or seem to care about the struggles she’s having at the office.

The point is, if you’ve become too comfortable and complacent in the relationship, it could drive her to find another guy who’s going to make her feel special like you once did.

Not that I’m assuming anything about the guy with the texting wife; I’m just saying that being emotionally supportive wouldn’t hurt a couple.

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