How To Text A Girl You Like

Remember, everything is better when it takes place in person, but with the way the world is going, you will be expected to engage in texting at least to a certain extent. So many guys want to know how to text a girl you like. Here are some potential pitfalls during texting and how you can avoid them:

 How To Text A Girl You Like Tips:

1. How to answer the “Do you think I look fat?” question. This answer can apply to any other question she shoots your way about how she looks. The mistake you might make here is thinking that she really wants to know what you think. She doesn’t.

What she is really saying is that she is feeling insecure and needs some reassurance that you find her attractive. So, your response should be telling her she looks great and then asking her why she asked you that. She might confess she is feeling insecure right then and you can deal with that issue.

2. How do you answer the question she might pose by text as to whether you are a player? Maybe you are. Maybe you just started dating and you are still following my rules about dating more than one woman.

What she is really trying to say is that she likes you and is afraid of getting hurt. She’s scared and letting you know.

Never lie. But there is no reason to tell her you are dating other women. As long as you never mislead her by telling her she is the only one when she isn’t, you are acting with integrity. What I recommend is making a joke of it and deflecting her question by saying something such as this: that you’ve dated about fifty women this month, so it’s been a slow month for you so far.

Again, ask her why she asks. Try to get to the heart of her question and talk about that issue.

3. How do you respond to her volunteering that she isn’t interested in a relationship? Sometimes she really isn’t, but sometimes she is saying this to be defensive. What she is really saying is that she doesn’t want to get hurt. She also is testing you to see if you argue or show you are needy.

The best way to respond to this is say: “Whoa. Relationship? I need to get to know you better to determine even if we should pursue a friendship. Do you usually bring up a relationship with someone you just met?”

4. If she asks you if you are dating other women, you might be tempted to lie because you are afraid that will be a deal breaker with her. Don’t do it. You should be dating other women, especially if the two of you just met.

She’s trying to find out if she has competition. She probably also wants to know if she can trust you.

You should respond by telling her that while you like her and think she’d make a great friend, you’re not sure yet that you want to date one person exclusively. Also say that you aren’t comfortable talking about others you may be dating and then end with asking her why she is asking you this.


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