How To Talk To Women – With No Fear

It’s almost New Years Eve. Imagine yourself in New York Times Square joining the thousands of people in the countdown.

You see losts of different people. Lots of different women and you find most of them attractive. What do you do?

Don’t get tricky, just save the cleverness for that witty screenplay you’re working on.

If you get past the number one hurdle to meeting women, you’ll be in infinitely better shape than the sad dude who spins on a bar stool all night justifying why the woman he won’t approach “isn’t my type anyway.”

That number one hurdle to getting together with women is just overcoming your fears and talking to them.

Guys are always looking for a magic bullet to get rid of the fear. But that bullet doesn’t exist.

Because those guys you see who walk over and talk to any woman? They look fearless, right?

The truth is that they feel the SAME nervousness and fear you do.

The difference is that they find a reason to go say HI to her and act in spite of those feelings.

He who acts, wins.

I have found that over 90% of all women will smile and give you a shot if you just say “Hi” to them and take it from there.

Okay, so how do you go from there? What do you say after “Hi”?

Easy. You plan it out a little in advance.

I could give you a bunch of clever things to talk about, like the plot of a sit-com, or a recent news event, but none of it will be as good as what you think of that works for you.

Ask her about the latest prime-time “reality” television show.

Even better, ask her what she thinks about men who have the guts to approach her and say Hi. (This one works particularly well.)

Here’s one that works and it’s PRICELESS

Wait until some other poor bastard has walked up and botched it, or acts like a douchebag. Then follow in right after him and say, “Hello, ladies. I just wanted to make sure you’re all taken care of here. Having fun?”

I will tell you that the best topics to discuss with women are subjects with a lot of drama and lurid, sensational possibilities. Pop culture and things like that.

After a while, once you’ve relaxed and no longer build up too much anxiety over the initial introduction, you’ll find that it’s easy to sniff out topics to talk about.

Your initial hurdle is to make a couple minutes of chit-chat, and then on to get her phone number or email.

Here’s more knowledge that should help you through this most difficult of times: Women are secretly turned off by men who don’t have the guts to come up and say something to them.

You think that SHE will think you’re an idiot for coming up and taking a risk, making a move.

But in Truth they think you’re a loser if you DON’T make a move.

Let that motivate you to take the next step…

And if you want a complete plan for what to say to a woman, CLICK HERE…


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