The Sexodus, Part 2: Dishonest feminist panics leave male sexuality in crisis

Here’s a continuation of The Sexodus…

We live in a different society now, where women act like men and getting involved with them seemed like a burden rather than thrilling.

You might relate to this, if you feel you would be happier to interact with your online games,  or see no benefits in giving up being a bachelor.

Read it now, and tell me if you can relate and what your thoughts are.

Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma


Title: The Sexodus, Part 2: Dishonest Feminist Panics Leave Male Sexuality In Crisis

Sexual dysfunction is not unique to the twenty-first century—nor, certainly, to the West. Japan’s “herbivores”—men who shun sex and prefer saving money and going on long walks to riding motorcycles and flirting with girls—have been well documented and are regarded by social scientists as the best example of male sexuality turning in on itself.

But although the sexodus, a new retreat into solitude by Western males, has a different flavour to it and dramatically different aetiology from previously observed social crises, many characteristics are identical.

And what’s troubling about men throwing in the towel in both East and West is the rapidity with which the malaise is spreading across entire generations, fuelled not just by sexual dissatisfaction but also the economic and educational pressures felt by so many young boys.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. It’s little wonder that…

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