Without Buying Her Drinks...
Without Pick Up Lines & Useless Scripts...
And NEVER Falling Into The "Lets Just Be Friends" Trap
Ever Again...

(It also works even if you get
tongue-tied around beautiful women...)


Attention: Single Man...

I have some bad news - and some good news for you.

First the BAD NEWS: Every bit of advice you've probably ever heard about talking to women is GARBAGE.

Worse than that, what you've been told about how to talk to women is not only bad advice, it's probably sabotaged and hurt your ability to attract women.

In fact, the most misleading and damaging "advice" you've ever gotten about how to talk to women you probably learned from... A WOMAN.

She probably meant well, but what you heard has probably set you way back. It's probably the most destructive information you could use to attract women, hands down.

But it's not your fault...

The Good News is this: You can fix the damage very quickly once you know what bad techniques are crippling you.

Here's why it's absolutely imperative that you discover and eliminate this bad advice...

Most Guys Don't Know This:
Women Are Testing You While
You Think You're Just Talking...

That's right - while YOU are just trying to be cool and have some fun conversation, SHE is running through a mental checklist on you.

Do you know what she's looking for?

Do you know how to pass those tests along the way?

In this report, I'm going to reveal the three reasons women test you - and how you can not only avoid failing them - but pass them so well that YOU get to be the one testing HER.

That's right. She will now need to prove herself to YOU for a change.

And you'll discover how you can talk to women so that you will:

1) Get her turned on and attracted to you

2) Get her phone number (or contact information) in less than 10 minutes

3) Get a guaranteed date with her within 24 hours


Let me ask you something...

Have You Ever Had This Happen To You
When You Were Talking To A Woman...?

Look, if you're like me, this is probably one of the most frustrating parts about meeting and attracting women...

You FINALLY work up the courage to approach an attractive woman, and you start talking to her.

And then something like this happens...

She starts to seem bored. She won't help the conversation along at all - like the burden of the conversation is entirely on you. She just gives off a vibe like you talking to you is a nuisance. At the first uncomfortable silence in the conversation (which happens really fast), you politely leave. You feel disrespected - and a little pissed off...


She seems friendly enough, but she either gets distracted by her friends and their little inside jokes, or she just talks about herself. Eventually she goes back to talking to her friends - ignoring you - and leaving you feeling left out and rejected...


The conversation starts out fun and friendly. You talk for a little bit, and when the time is right you ask "Can I get your phone number?" And then she either hesitates, or asks you, "Why do you need it?" - Or she makes up some lame excuse like she doesn't have a cell phone.

Or maybe she just tells you she "has a boyfriend."

What usually happens is that you feel so uncomfortable and awkward that you wind up ejecting as soon as you possibly can from the conversation.

You Know It Wasn't Your Fault...

But she leaves you feeling like YOU were the one that screwed up.

When you look back on those situations, you know you weren't being a jerk. You were just trying to start up a conversation. (But the voice of doubt in the back of your head says you must have done SOMETHING wrong...)

Here's what you don't know about those situations...

1) You might think that she rejected you based on your looks...
- but the truth is that she does this sort of thing to almost every guy that approaches her...

2) You might think that you did or said something wrong when you approached her...
- but the fact is that she was already running a script in her head long before you approached.

3) You might think that she's a bitch based on her cold, defensive reaction to you...
- but the reality is that she's actually probably pretty cool - if she wasn't keeping her guard up...

4) What you don't know is that she was testing you the whole time.

: Every first conversation with a woman is a test she's giving you.

If you pass, she'll let you move forward to the next step.

But if you fail, you're OUT.

Here's What Most Guys Don't Know
About Talking With Women:

Everything out of her mouth is actually a test.

The problem is that most guys try to pass women's tests without knowing how they work.

...or knowing what her test questions even are.

You see, after a woman says something to you, she watches for your reaction to it. And she listens to how you reply.

She listens very close...

Let me say that again, because it's a critical rule for how to talk to women:

Women don't really care what you say to them...

What she's secretly watching for is
how you react and reply to what she says to you.


And that's why you MUST know the rules of how to talk to women to get anywhere with them - much less getting her into the bedroom.

Because it's not just knowing how to talk to women when you first meet them. It's every time you talk to women - on the first date, the third date... ANYTIME.

If you decide to keep this girl as your girlfriend, then you're going to need to pass a bunch more of her tests.

Just remember: As long as you know how to pass her tests, she will stay with you.

Because every decision a woman makes about you comes from talking with you.

- Not how much you spent on dinner...

- Not what kind of car you drive...

- Not how ripped your abs are...


Her attraction is based on how you respond to her tests in conversation.

It's all about you knowing how to talk to women...!

Now I probably shouldn't do this, but...

I'm Going To Reveal The Truth That
No Woman Will Ever Tell You...

Even if she really wanted to, there are things that no woman would disclose.

That's why I'm going to show you why you've failed in the past with women again and again, and why you'll keep failing unless you listen to what I'm going to tell you.

My name is Carlos Xuma. I've been on ABC and CBS TV, Playboy Radio, FHM, Maxim Magazine and Radio, more blogs than I can count, more radio and magazine articles that I can remember.

I'm an internationally known dating expert who has helped tens of thousands of men attract women, connect with women, and succeed in every way with women...

But more important for you is that I'm a guy who has spent over 15 years interviewing women, creating systems for attracting women - and then meticulously perfecting them for other guys like you to use.

Fast, simple, and unusually effective systems that any guy can use.

What I'm going to reveal to you right now will probably change your life forever, open your eyes to some shocking facts about how women work, and give you an almost dangerous seductive power with women.

I'm sure you've already felt the frustration of talking to a woman you met, a woman you found attractive and desirable, but you couldn't make the conversation go anywhere with her, right?

Well, you have to know...

What She's NOT Telling You...

The only way to win this game with women - to get the woman you want - is to know what she won't tell you.

The only way to win is to know what she's really thinking about when you're talking to her, so you can hook her interest and - well... keep her almost obsessed with you.

But if you don't move quickly, if you don't act now you could miss your chance forever to have women who will fight over each other just to be with you - to be that guy she wants to be with more than anything, and will do anything to possess.

In fact, right now, as you're reading this, you've already got the right skills to be sexually powerful with women.

All you need to do is to take a minute to listen to what I tell you, do what I tell you in the next few minutes, and you'll gain an amazing and almost supernatural ability to connect and attract women on a sexual level.

She'll be about as easy to read as a first grade math book...

And she'll always be excited to see you and desperate for the next time to get together with you.

Even if she's got her defensive shields up and doesn't seem approachable, I'll tell you exactly what to do to get past this obstacle.

But first...

I Need To Tell You About The
Crazy Story Of How I Got Here...

It all began one Sunday when I was out eating lunch with Eva, a Russian model friend of mine.

The night before, I'd had a really bad night out at a bar, talking with at least a half dozen women, and I didn't get anywhere with any of them. No phone numbers. No action. Nothing.

You could say I was pretty burned out on talking to women. I felt like pounding my head against a concrete wall.

That's when I figured I had nothing to lose by asking Eva one simple and innocent question:

"What do women want us guys to talk about?"

Do they want men to:

- Compliment her?

- Tell her a story?

- Tell her a joke?

- Give her my history and background?

- Warm her up with small talk?

- Impress her with my accomplishments?

- Flatter her?


"What is it women want?" I asked her. (I'm sure my frustration was obvious in my voice.)

Here's what Eva told me:

"I just want a man who listens to me, and makes me laugh. He has to smile, and show me that he's sensitive."

You have to understand that Eva's boyfriend - Steve - was a friend of mine. I was there when they met at a friend's party.

And Steve did NONE of those things that night. He didn't really listen to her all that much, maybe made her laugh once or twice, didn't smile at all, and he's the least sensitive guy I know.

Yet now Eva is so stuck on Steve that you practically have to peel her off of his leg so that you could talk to him.

Oh, and in case you think it was because Steve is hot, he's NOT. He's at least 40 pounds overweight with not much hair.

And he's 15 years older than her.

And he works at an electronics store in the home theater section. Definitely not rich.

So it was obvious that Eva had no clue about what women want.

But I wasn't discouraged. I decided I needed to go straight to the source.

That's right...

I Decided To Go Ask Women
What To Say And How To Talk To Women...

This turned out to be the worst idea for the best solution I could have possibly discovered.

I got on the phone that Sunday night (a great time of the week to reach women on the phone, by the way), and I called up a few of my female friends to ask them about this - and this is what they told me they wanted:


Now I bet you've got one burning question on your mind right now, don't you?

How the heck do I DO that?!?

Because when I asked each of those women this question: "WHAT - exactly - should a guy say to you?"

...amazingly, they all got very very quiet.

So I discovered something that fateful day:

Beautiful Women Don't Have A Clue About
What Turns Them On In Conversation...

Hot women don't know what it is guys say that gets them attracted to men.

Especially sexually attracted...

It's not that women are mean or evil or out to get us. They're not deliberately TRYING to mislead us when they tell us this stuff.

She just can't explain in words what her emotional mind desires. And unfortunately, women are just as bad as guys are at explaining this sort of thing in words.

And when I asked this ONE simple question that every guy wants to know, most women couldn't even begin to answer it.

I Asked Them:
"What should a guy SAY to you?"

They would try to tell you how they wanted the conversation to FEEL (which was totally confusing) - when we guys just need to know WHAT to talk about with her.

And THAT was the one big difference right there. Bing! - that lit up a thousand-watt light bulb in my head.

--> You want to know WHAT to say to get her attracted...

--> Women only care about HOW you talk to her so she can decide if you pass her tests...

So grab a pen and paper ...

Here Are 3 Reasons Women Test Men...

Why women test you - Reason #1) Women test men to get attention and feel in control.

We all do this to some degree, but some women play head games with a man in order to keep him chasing after her to boost her ego and make herself feel valuable.

Sometimes these women are attracted to you, but sometimes you need to beware of the ones playing games.

By the way, I'm going show you how to avoid these dangerous women...

Then comes:

Why Women Test You - Reason #2) Women test you as a screening and defensive process.

Women HATE being taken for granted.

Ask any woman about this and she will agree 200%.

One of the greatest fears that a woman has is that she will give her heart to a man too easily, and that he will take her for granted and break her heart.

Women confuse guys, appear disinterested, and act evasive at times so that they can communicate to men that they can't be taken for granted.

And finally:

Why Women Test You - Reason #3) She tests you to "figure you out."

Most women, especially beautiful women who are accustomed to being approached all the time, come up with ways to try to "figure out" men by watching certain behaviors.

Or by telling guys things - and then judging them according to how they react to her.

In short, women 'test' men to see into his head... especially guys who they feel some attraction to.

Sometimes they're testing you on purpose, sometimes unknowingly.

You know by now that women are attracted to men who are a challenge - and they're uninterested in men who show too much interest, or guys are too needy.

She tests you by putting you in a situation to find out whether you're needy and insecure - or if you're confident.

She might start talking to her girlfriends while you're talking to her just to see how you handle it. She just has to wait and let you show your true colors.

So you need to WELCOME her tests as a good sign that she's interested.

Because if you pass her tests, she will be ATTRACTED to you. Turned on, in fact.

This Is The Only Sure-Fire Way To Create Attration
That Doesn't Involve Games And Manipulation...

Now when I figured out that her tests were a GOOD sign - it was a huge breakthrough. And in that moment, I knew exactly what I had to do:

I had to show guys WHAT to say so that they could pass women's tests with flying colors - AND create interest and attraction from the woman at the same time.

So I got to work.

And yeah - it was WORK.

I went out and approached women, talked to women, and took a lot of notes on what worked - and what didn't work. I compiled over 60 notebooks over the course of 14 months.

I Discovered That There Was A Formula For
What Worked With Women...

And it was a formula that was easy to duplicated.

You don't need to memorize scripts or "routines" to talk to women. You just need to use simple formulas - like ingredients in a recipe - and you'll have no problems.

Oh, occasionally there were a few women who didn't respond - but they were women who wouldn't have responded to ANY guy.

The point was that I had found a simple, fast, and very effective system - a blueprint for conversation that any guy could use.

And then I basically worked myself sick creating a step-by-step training program out of this research. What finally emerged was eight powerful and easy to use lessons for how to talk to women - presented in written form, audio, and video.

This program covers all the big questions about how to talk to women that guys have been wanting answers for years about what women really want to hear you say.

Plus all the dirty secrets of what women's sexual hot buttons are to turn women on with conversation that really fires up the attraction.

All of this has been put together into an exclusive training program I proudly call:

How To Talk To Women:
Turn Her On In Conversation...

When it was ready, I showed this program to a very small, elite group of my closest friends and best customers.

Peter K. in Alabama says: "...Carlos, you're the MAN... I'm serious man, girls are now looking at me, calling out after me, waving at me in class, approaching ME and want to find out what I'M about.

"You helped me go from needy boy to centered man who doesn't crave attention and give up my energy... and this is all about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just seduction.

"Thanks man - Deep Love to you... I can't thank you enough, man"


Vince says: "I had no idea how to act or talk around women. When I used Carlos' program I was skeptical at first, though I listened to the audio twice, took notes and began to realize that what he was saying was right.

"So I went over to her apartment, played it cool, and kissed a girl for the first time as well as lost my virginity.

"I'd tell guys to give it a chance, knowledge is power.

"Why did I not find you and your programs sooner!?"


Robert in Australia says: "I did not know how to approach and talk to strange women... A noticeable change in the way women reacted to me... And I was finally getting phone number and dates... Your programs are very well presented, clear and precise. Thanks for the info... It works! It really does man!"

Sean in Ireland says: "My confidence has made an improvement... It completely changes the way you talk to women. understanding how women think and are attracted to men gives you a huge advantage."

Now Here's The Part That's Really Cool...

I decided to show this program to the women in my life that I trusted to get some feedback from them. (Including those women I called up that fateful Sunday night to ask them how to talk to women.)

Most of the women were - at first - shocked and a little defensive.

Some were even a bit angry and offended.

Only THE MOST HONEST women will ever admit that they test guys. Most of them will deny it. Or they deny that it happens as frequently as it does.

But then these women relaxed and went through the content and discovered that I was not only speaking from the heart - I was also speaking the truth.

And they all agreed that if guys would just put aside their egos for a few minutes and use this information, they'd be ten times more successful approaching women, meeting women, getting phone numbers, and getting dates.

Hands down, flat-out SUPER successful.

Because here's my promise to you: If you can log in to a website and just watch some simple videos, you can make a massive transformation in your ability to talk to women and attract women in conversation in just a few short weeks.

So you never have to go through that "let's just be friends" talk with a woman ever again.

Here is what you will discover when you enroll in the: How To Talk To Women: Turn Her On In Conversation program:

Here's What I'm Going To Show You...

In the "How To Talk To Women" system, I'm going to explain all the core Secret Keys to conversation with women.

There are 6 Core Video Modules, and 4 Bonus Video Modules, 1 Bonus Audio, and 2 Bonus reference e-books with your program.

Here's what you're going to find in this easy to use system of how to talk to women:


VIDEO MODULE 1: Foundation & Secret Keys

Module 1: Secret Keys

VIDEO MODULE 2: Fearless Flow - Conversation Confidence

MODULE 2: Conversation flow

VIDEO MODULE 3: Effortless Communication:
How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

MODULE 3: How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say


VIDEO MODULE 4: How To Be A Master Storyteller

MODULE 4: How To Be A Master Storyteller

VIDEO MODULE 5: How To Make Women Laugh

MODULE 5: How To Make Women Laugh

VIDEO MODULE 6: Conversational Tools & Tactics

MODULE 6: Conversational Tools

VIDEO BONUS - MODULE 7: Phone Conversation Tricks & Tips

MODULE 7: Phone Conversation

VIDEO BONUS - MODULE 8: Email & Electronic Conversations With Women

MODULE 8: Email and Electronic Conversations

VIDEO BONUS - MODULE 9: How To Text Flirt With Women

MODULE 9: How To Text Women

Banter & Teasing Workshop



Movie "Pickup" Analysis





Master Attraction Blueprints: How To Talk To Women




How To Talk To Women Package Price: $297.00

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SPECIAL BONUS: How To Talk To Women Reference Manual - I've even created a 135 page reference manual for you with all the notes in one easy reference PDF E-book. You can even put this on your smartphone for easy reference anytime...

SPECIAL BONUS: How To Talk To Women "Plug & Play" Mindmaps - You'll get the complete mindmaps from the video presentation as a reference...



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This Is The Plain Truth About
How To Talk To Women...

This is the straight truth about how to talk to women. From someone who has studied the best, and practiced on the most beautiful women in the world.

Get rid of the fear of talking to women once and for all... know exactly what to say and how to say it to attract the women you desire - without having to memorize a bunch of fake pickup lines and routines...

What women will never EVER tell you about attracting them

The hidden secrets about what women really want to talk about with you.

You're going to discover:

- When to call women for maximum impact

- How to test women back so that you are the chooser - not the loser...

- How to text women to get response - and attraction - from her

- No more messing up on voicemail - I'll show you exactly how - and when - to leave a message...

- What to talk about - and what never to talk about with women...

- How to figure out if a woman is really into you using texting...

And much more...


Here's What's Going To Happen
When You Grab This Program...

When you go through this program, watch the videos, listen to the audio, review the techniques I give you, you will know how women think and relate to guys - and what to say to make them respond to you and get interested in you.

You'll understand women better than one in a million other guys will ever even THINK they know women. You'll know the secret methods that women use with other guys when they talk to you. You'll understand why she acts the way she does even when she doesn't really even understand her own motivations.

Look, if you're a guy who wants to succed with women - you have to understand that the game has already changed for you.

There was a time once when you could just hope for a good woman to fall in your lap, but not anymore.

With online dating and all the options that women have now, you must have the right conversation tools to beat the other guys out there trying to capture the same top-quality women that you want.

If you walk away now, you'll always wonder what you don't know. Now you can totally remove the mystery from talking to women for good, know exactly what she's looking for in a guy so that you can show it to her.

You Can Finally Forget About All Those
Painful Mistakes Talking To Women...

Those painful times where you said the wrong thing, or don't know how to answer her test questions, or run into those uncomfortable silences.

That will all be a thing of the past - the problems that other guys have, but not you.

Oh, and you can start to enjoy dating as many women as your schedule can fit, where YOU can choose the women that interest you most - instead of settling for the one who you hope likes you back.

If you're like most guys, this will be a completely new world for you - where you can stop worrying about finding women and start being choosy about which women you wake up next to.

Confidence will course through your veins like electricity, and even other guys will envy you for your ability to meet women and talk to them anywhere you go.

Imagine when your friends jaws drop as they see you flirting with the hottest women - and walking away with phone numbers and dates, while they just embarrass themselves over and over again.

Imagine When Your Friends
Start Coming To YOU For Advice...

Imagine that you are the go-to guy that your buddies seek out for advice about women.

Imagine waking up with the woman you desire, instead of spending countless hours at desperate singles events in the hopes of meeting just one slightly attractive woman that's hasn't already been stolen by some other guy.

Just imagine for a minute, letting all your anxiety disappear behind you. The only thing in front of you is confidence and power.


Wouldn't that feel fantastic? Liberating? Powerful?

You bet it would!

Here's the best part: Just go through the 6 core sections of the How To Talk To Women: Turn Her On With Conversation system and let the techniques do the work for you.

When you do -

You're Going To Have The "Unlock" Codes
To A Woman's Desires And Dreams...

In fact, here's what I want you to do so that you can get fast results. Just go through the first core module of the program. Take some time to absorb it and get your head wrapped around it.

When you're done, call up a female "friend" of yours. Not a woman you have a relationship or want to date, just a friend. Meet up for lunch or a drink somewhere.

And then I want you to notice that change in confidence you feel - the power you feel in your chest and body - and how it spreads through you to give you a feeling of control and authority with her.

Let that feeling of calm certainty fill you up as you realize you know exactly how to talk to her and what to say to light up her circuits with desire and longing for you.

the complete program

You'll Know Exactly What She's Thinking,
What She Wants, And How She Feels...

...and it's up to you to decide what to do with the connection you create.

How much would that be worth to you?

To be able to feel that almost hypnotic power to see into a woman's mind - get past all her confusing messages - and not only be desired by her but also respected and worshipped as a man?

If this system could help you find the the girlfriend that you've wanted to have, or if you could even go back and turn a woman that once just thought of you as "just a friend" into something more - how much would that be worth?

Just think of the other stuff you spend your money on - the expensive dinners (that never seem to get repaid), the car you hope will impress women, or the countless thousands of dollars you've spent buying women drinks or gifts in the hope of getting some small return of interest from her.

Imagine if it was just five dollars a day to get the woman of your dreams - just about $1800 a year - to get this thing taken care of and keep a woman almost hypnotized by your every word.

Would you pay that to possess this kind of "superpower"?

Because if this program doesn't open your eyes and completely change the way you relate to women forever, it's probably because deep underneath, you want to avoid meeting women. There's a part of you that's angry at women or afraid of women - and you'd rather be right than be happy.

I really hope that's not the case, though.

The fact of the matter is that...

There Is No One Else Who Can Teach You
This Simply And Easily, And So Effectively...

... and no one else has the background and ability to show you what you'll get in this system.

I need to caution you about two things.

First, don't even bother signing up for the program unless you can open your mind and take an honest and un-prejudiced view of the information I'm going to share with you.

Really, I need you to check your ego at the door and come in ready to learn so that you can put this stuff in action right away. I don't blow smoke or teach hinky parlor tricks - only the simple truth about talking to women. If you aren't ready for that, this program really isn't for you.

Second, you need to agree to never use these strategies and techniques to manipulate or hurt women in any way. You have to use this stuff to create fun and happy adventures with every woman you meet.

If you're still here, you're probably ready to take the next step and get started.

You Might Have A Couple Questions...

First, why isn't this program $1500 or more?

After all, being able to talk with women and really turn them on in conversation is probably the biggest thing holding you back from going out tonight to meet women and having the kind of sex life you always wanted.

And knowing how these spellbinding tactics work to create attraction with women would give you a completely unfair edge - practically a license to eavesdrop on a woman's intimate thoughts as you talk to her.

In the past I have taken some of this program into exclusive closed-door seminars where participants paid over $1500 to get this material. And these weekend seminars have sold out in just minutes.

The truth is that I'm not in it for the money.

Don't get me wrong, I still want to get paid for my efforts, but I'm doing this because of a mission I'm on - to help as many guys as possible get the kind of Alpha Male power and confidence he needs to attract the women he wants - not the woman he has to settle for. That's what it's always been about for me.

I'm not going to ask you to invest $1500 in this program, even though I know it's worth much more than this in the results you'll get. My own assistant went through this program and told me I needed to raise the price much higher.

It won't cost you $900 - or even half that.

I even decided that I'd be able to cut the cost of this program by over half by offering it as an exclusive digital download only version.

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MODULE 9: How To Text Women

Bonus Program 2) How to Text Women - The secrets of texting to turn women on... Women use texting way more than men do - and you need to know how to tease and flirt using texting. With the techniques in this program, you'll be able to get her to call you, and even lock down dates and avoid flaking with some simple techniques that do all the work for you...




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MODULE 9: How To Text Women

Bonus Program 4) How To Text Flirt - Discover the number one tool of flirting and building attraction that most men avoid out of fear. I'll show you how to use this tool to completely capture a woman's attention and interest by using this invaluable tool. Even if you HATE using cell phones and haven't got a clue what to say, I'll show you how to be downright lethal texting women...




It's a tragedy, but there are so many guys who are alone now not because they have to be but because they CHOOSE to be.

They spend countless thousands of dollars to go to bars and charm women by buying rounds of drinks, or take women out to dinner who wind up putting them into the friends only bucket. They suck up to women and bend over backwards, only to never get to first base with any of them.

Or they become bitter and angry at those results and blame the women for their situation.

Right now there are guys who are going to go through this program and feel like they've had their consciousness blown wide open - like taking the red pill in the Matrix. You'll get to see how everything works, and you'll be just like "Neo."

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So we've come to a fork in the road, you and I. If you think about it, you've really only got two choices:

Choice 1 - is to leave this page, close your browser, get up from your computer and try to forget everything I just showed you.

You can try to ignore that nagging voice in the back of your head, that need to know and understand women - and get this part of your life handled once and for all.

Go back to waiting and hoping and empty weekends - wondering why you can't talk to women and connect with women - and get the kind of woman you deserve in your life.

Try to ignore the hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach that you're missing out on the kind of love and sex life you were meant to enjoy.

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I'm Carlos Xuma, and I'll see you on the inside.

Here's to your success with women...


P.S.: Going at it alone is not the secret to success. I know from personal experience. I spent years studying conversation and hunting down mentors who were willing to coach me and tell me how to talk to women and what to say to women. I can give you that same opportunity now - only you can learn it much faster and easier.

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