"I was able to meet women very easily..."

- Mike T.
"For the record, I think these programs I have are great (!) and worth every buck..."

- J. S.
"Your focus on Alpha Man has really been bringing me around... I have numerous resources... I feel my inner game is much more solid now... "

- Bill O.
"Carlos, I have seen several of your programs both video and audio and want to say thank you for finally teaching me the truth about what women are attracted to. I actually feel I have a major advantage now over 95% of men (maybe higher) who still think the way to get a women attracted or into bed is to treat her like a princess, buy her gifts, treat her to dinner, complement her. I have been weight training for sometime and I feel I'm probably a 5 since I have a bit of a gut but I no longer feel intimidated by a 8 or a 9 like it did in my 20's. The biggest change for me I would say is the atitude of just not giving a crap if see wants you or not or if she is attracted to you or not. There are always others..."

- Raimond
"Carlos, You're the best. You're doing a favour to mankind in this women crazy world!"

- Daniel
"I just wanted to send you a private note that your Approach Women 2 is fantastic and worth every penny."

- David Brooks
"I have bought 5 of Carlos programs. They have enhanced my life in many ways... my work, social life, relationships, state of mind and of course my dating life. I was just a nice guy with lots of women friends and no 10's in my personal world.

Now I can honestly say... I choose... rather it is in the mall. coffee shop, airplane, book store, even the bible book store :-), work, my doctor

... now I get to choose how far I want to go or when I want to go there, I have created attraction, kissed and had some great loving from wonderful women, from various backgrounds... I have recently been in a committed relationship with a Italian Model...

The Girlfriend Training Program has helped me to get the skills to make that decision and change.

So Carlos my guru friend, thank you for solid quality material, it has been life changing. I have bought some stuff from others, but yours is 'real time stuff', it works in every arena of life.

OH you should know, I am 5' 7-inch thick, bald, over 40 and divorced. All the girls I speak of are from 25-35 and hot. Keep the cutting edge stuff coming bro thanks again!"

- Barry C.
"Hey Carlos, I love your work. You must be the hardest worker in this field - well, you and David Deangelo. There seems to be a lot of fake 'guru's out there that are there to make money. But, you seem to be the most articulate, 100% real and really know your shit..."

- Ray
"Hi Carlos. I just missed this program... Over the weekend I was being kicked out of my girlfriend's house for exactly the reasons I found in your videos... she had lost interest in me. So I did not get a chance to get on the net over the weekend, serious bummer!

I seriously need some help here, I turn into an absolute idiot in relationships and they always go down this spiral of mutually losing interest in each other. It sucks, I don't want it to happen again.

Is there any chance I could be a later order? I would really like to get this part of my life handled. Thanks!"

- Damien B.
"Mate just wanted to say thanks for all your help so far, I am blown away by your amount of knowledge you have and the easy way you can articulate it to your audience....I was planning to buy the girlfriend training program next week."

- Ben
"I enjoy your information. What your doing for guys is such a major deal. Want to thank you for it! Bart. P.S. looking to get the GTP program!"

- Bart S.
"I got five programs this month and will have to wait for the next salary to endulge in more, but I will get it. It's great stuff! And Carlos talk is very motivational!! Please pass on my compliments to the programs!"

- Jens
"I am amazed at the wealth of information available with my orders; even though it will take me some time to examine and master this information I must say I am impressed."

- Marvin
"Your programs are the shit. Just got out of the "love of my life" relationship, and I absolutely appreciate your help in getting myself out of this shithole that I'm currently in. Thanks!"

- Jon
"I just wanted to thank you for all of the great insight! I'm 26 and divorcing from the girl I have been with from my teens... I haven't had to deal with any of this in a very long time and a little extra confidence goes a long way. And you are giving all your secrets away for free. This day in age everone is trying to make a buck, any way possible. the way that you operate your site and emailings shows a lot of class and I truly appreciate all of it! Thanks."

- Adam
"I purchased The Bad Boy Formula and Alpha Masculinity. I LOVE The Bad Boy Formula. But Alpha Masculinity is the foundation, to me, and it is the best stuff I have ever read on what it means to be a man. I want to keep Alpha Masculinity. It is my favorite piece of information at my house (I am an avid reader)... The Bad Boy Formula comes in a tight second."

- John
"Carlos Thank you for making the bad boy formula, in all honesty I can say that it got me back in touch with my inner bad boy.

I recently went through a lot of emotional and physical strife and felt castrated as a result and lost a sense of my "power" and had moments of wussy behavior and moments of alpha man behavior.

Now I am back to being the bad boy but more importantly I feel back to being me and it rocks.

... I don't wanna just be good I wanna be great and ensure my sucess. "

- Sean K.
"After reading about you and your advice I'd like to thank you, the techniques do work. There is this beautiful girl who I always liked but was not able to approach and now all that has changed.

One day I saw her and decided that at that moment am going to approach her and not care about rejection. She was in a coffee shop wearing a pink dress, I walked up to her with a natural look on my face and smile and I said to her 'interesting dress I didnt know you like to look like flamingos'. She laughed 4 a bit and I told her I won't stay for long because I'm ordering my coffee and sandwitch... She introduced herself and asked me to stay instead. From there I've been acting like I wasn't intrested in her and she eventually asked me out so today I'm dating her and shes hot! Thanks again"

- Oshoveli
"Hope you are doing good. I must say your articles are absolutely brilliant. You are a true Love/Dating Guru..."

- Vineet
"I'm subscribed to a number of your CDs... And they made me a rounded person, not only by being recognized by women but also by a lot of men..."

- Dylan R., London UK
"By the way I think your material is awesome. So on the money, so right on the mark. I feel validated and supported in my quest to create a better life for myself."

- Nigel
"Hey bro, my name is Mark, I've been reading a lot of the material you been sending me... and actual been putting it to use... It's been working great for me... I have this energy or zest that women are interested in... and their wondering why I'm single or where's my wedding ring... lol ... Even they try to get my attention or just blurt out that we should hook? and do the whole call sign... thanks a lot bro..."

- Mark
"Hello Carlos - your material is great + I have apprecaited receiving your insights."

- Grant
"Hey Carlos something amazing happened... I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am starting to get girls numbers and talk to them and they actually like me..."

- Jordan
"Thanks to your flirting and seduction tips, I am able to attract almost any girl that I come in contact with. I was always a very attractive boy, but my personality was, at times, a bit serious, factual, and dry. Now, I have gone from the 'class cutie' to 'lady's man', going on dates with tons of chicks..."

- Greg
"Firstly, let me say that i have suffered from 'nice guy' syndrome for most of my life; I'm 47, but there are four words that you use which really resonate with me, and they are 'with Honor and Integrity'. This is why I hold what you say in such high esteem."

- Ian
"I got your Alpha Lifestyle program and it really changed my perspective on life. I wish I had it earlier in the year when things were dark..."

- Tariq
"You think what you're doing until you figure out you don't... If anyone is considering this program, don't hesitate - get it now, it will save you a world of pain later!"

- Anonymous
"All started with your emails. I dated before but was not getting enough success... Now I have more slag, more focus... demonstrating what's possible... I reconsidered what I was doing..."

- Robert
"I guess everyone is full of sh*t until they qualify themselves, and if anybody reads your stuff for more than 10 minutes they realize you know your sh*t, inside and out... The big question is not that your advice and info is not good stuff, but are you willing to put it into action... and the fact that you keep pushing yourself, well, that says it all."

- Peter W.
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