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Dating Women:

4 Secret Tricks For Dating Women...
Carlos Xuma, the author of the ultimate program for talking with women

Have you ever felt like dating women is more complicated than it needs to be?

Is there some kind of trick to dating women?

The answer to both those questions is YES. It is more complicated than it needs to be, and there is a 'trick' to dating women that most guys don't know. I'm going to reveal those tricks to you right now.

Here are my 4 Secret Tricks For Dating Women that you need know to be successful.

Dating Women - Secret Trick 1: Treat every woman as if she is a "maybe."

Most guys approach women and start a conversation with only one thing in mind: Getting her phone number - and then a date. The vital part they miss is the qualification step.

The qualification step is what you absolutely MUST have before you even consider getting her phone number or taking her out. It's the part of dating women that most guys simply skip right over.

Qualification is when you first check to make sure she is acceptable to YOU first. Remember that every woman you meet is an unproven commodity. Would you invest in a company before you took the time to research it? Would you buy a car without doing a little reviewing online?

No, you wouldn't - and the same goes for women. Don't assume a woman is worth a date right off the bat. Take a few minutes to talk with her and determine if she is giving off the vibe of "cool chick" or "potential bag of crazy."

You'll save yourself a ton of headaches down the road. Screen out the women that aren't right for you before you waste time - and money - on the wrong woman.

Dating Women - Secret Trick 2: Date multiple women

Part of you would probably LOVE to date multiple women...

But you might also feel a little fear at that prospect. Still, it's essential for your skills for dating women that you keep yourself feeling a sense of abundance.

There are 3 primary reasons you must be dating more than one woman:

1) Frame of comparison - You only know how good a woman is by comparing her to others.

2) Learn what you want - You can only figure out what it is you want in a long-term relationship by experiencing MANY women. You'll always wonder if this woman is really what you want if you've only had a couple women in your life. By having abundance and choice, you will know that you have a quality woman, and you won't be settling.

3) Healthy attitude - Again, abundance is the key to keeping yourself relaxed - knowing you'll never be lonely, or be afraid of letting go of the woman you have for fear that you won't find another. Having a lot of women in your life gives you the relaxed and secure attitude that women find very attractive.

When you feel like you've got a bunch of women in your life, you'll be cool and relaxed enough to attract the woman you want when you find her, instead of scaring her off by coming on too strong.

Dating Women - Secret Trick 3: When you're ready to move on, move on.

A big mistake that a lot of guys make when dating women is that they will date a woman that is not really what they want. And inevitably the relationship ends.

But when either one of them get a bit lonely or insecure, they keep going back to the relationship to try and give it another shot.

Look, when you decide a woman is not for you, let her go. And don't go back. You'll be doing the right thing for her and for you. Because the time you spend revisiting relationships that don't work is time that you could spend finding a person who is right for you.

Dating Women - Secret Trick 4: Date different types of women

It's tempting to always go after your "type." You might have a thing for blondes, or brunettes, or redheads. Or tall women. Or petite Asian women.

But you should be dating many different types of women - both in physical appearance as well as personality types.

The reality is that the woman you find that you want to keep will probably NOT be what you expected. That's one of the keys to how these women sneak their way into our hearts.

So remember that while you should always date women you find attractive, you should also venture into new territory and experiment with women of all appearances and personalities.

It's funny that men and women are here to find each other and get together, but we all seem to make it so difficult to find the person we want. With these four secrets to dating women, you will be able to find your way faster to the woman you want.

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It's up to you...

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Talk soon...

Wishing you confidence and success with women - With HONOR and integrity.

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