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How To Get A Girls Number

Carlos Xuma - How to get a girls number

One of the most common questions guys ask is, "I want to know how to get a girls number?"

Well, we all know there's a simple answer: You ASK for it.

But what most guys are REALLY asking is: "How do I get a girls number without being afraid of rejection - or being turned down?"

There are 3 secret steps for to how to get a girls number. If you follow these, you'll have NO problem in getting her number.

Oh, and a little side benefit here is that you'll also avoid her Flaking out on you later on. Ever call up a number a woman gave you and get "The number you have reached...." No more of that.

How to get a girls number - Step 1) Nuke her fear...

The one thing a woman is leery of when men approach her is that the interaction will get weird - or even creepy. She's just as afraid of things getting awkward as you are, and that should be a relief for you to hear. That means you're not the only one with a little nervousness going on.

So one thing you can do to alleviate that fear she has is to not appear needy or like you're just trying to pick up on her. Yes, you want to seem interested in her as a woman, but you don't want to appear to be in it for just the personal gain.

The easiest way to do this is just to end by STARTING to walk away.

"Hey, it was cool talking to you..."

Then you START to turn away. This leads us to the next step.

How to get a girls number - Step 2) Make it attractive for her...

Just after you start to turn away, you turn BACK to her and say: "You know what? You seem pretty fun. We might want to re-connect sometime."

What that technique of turning away then back does is establish that what I'm suggesting is almost an afterthought, meaning low-key. Laid back. No pressure.

It also establishes that she impressed you. "You seem pretty fun!" Which puts YOU in the control seat right from the start.

And it offers up something that sounds attractive to a woman - "re-connecting." Women are motivated to focus on relationships and connections with people more than anything else, so the thought of re-connecting is especially powerful for her.

How to get a girls number - Step 3) Never ASK for the number.

A lot of guys are wishy-washy and they do the "scared salesman close": "Uhm... do you... uh... think you might want to give me your number so I could call you sometime... maybe... if it's not too much trouble...?"

That's totally weak. You must simply TELL her what you want.

"Give me your phone number - so we can continue this conversation sometime." Pull out your cell phone and just wait for her to give it to you.

It's that simple. And by telling her why, you've even removed any possible questions she might have had in her head about why.

Remember that women want you to be confident enough for BOTH you and her. She's looking to YOU to determine how she should feel about the interaction. Your confidence will spill over to her - letting her know that she can feel safe with you, and you're going to be the MAN - the one with the initiative to fulfill all those romantic fantasies of hers.

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Talk soon...

Wishing you confidence and success with women - With HONOR and integrity.

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