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Understanding Women

Carlos Xuma, the author of the ultimate program for talking with women

It's very painful.

Hell, it's absolutely BRUTAL.

One minute you think your woman is into you, and then just a few minutes, hours, or days later, she's cold and distant.

This can happen the first time you meet her, or even on the first or second date with her. Sometimes it even happens a few weeks or months later.

But the pattern is always the same: You start out hot and heavy for her, and then you just can't KEEP her attracted to you. Understanding women can be a real pain sometimes.

Her attention wanders. You can't get the affection you started out having with her.

She doesn't look at you quite the same way...

Maybe she isn't responding to your approach and you feel her slipping away...

She's not as playful...

Or she doesn't call you as much...

And what really sucks is that you can't tell what you did wrong - or IF you did ANYTHING wrong!

What do you have to do to keep a woman interested in you?

Why does she lose that lovin' feeling?

Well, there are three ways for understanding women and keeping her feeling attracted to you.

UNDERSTANDING WOMEN SECRET 1) Stop listening to what women SAY they want in a man...

Have you ever asked a woman what she wants in a man?

To make a woman happy these days, it seems like you've got to be Superman. IF you listen to what she says.

The reality is quite different than anything you'll hear coming out of a woman's mouth.

She says she wants confidence, but she doesn't really know how to tell you what that is. Instead she tells most guys to NOT be like her last boyfriend.

Yeah, big help. Thanks, babe.

Women know on an *emotional* level what they want in a man, but most important is that women really only know how this man MAKES HER FEEL.

That's the key right there!

She knows the FEELING, but you'll be waiting until the universe implodes before you'll get an accurate translation from chick-speak to man-speak.

Hey, it's not her fault. She just doesn't know how guys communicate, and as a result, her words don't mean the same things to guys as they do to girls.

Take it from me, with some RARE exceptions, don't listen to what most women you SAY they want in a man. It will confuse you because she's not using the same language that guys use.

UNDERSTANDING WOMEN SECRET 2) Women don't like Nice Guys...

Forget all the silly debates over Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys and all that stuff.

The jury has been in for years on this one: Women don't want guys that bore her, and *nothing* is more boring than a Nice Guy who kisses her ass and makes things way too easy for her.

Get rid of the Nice Guy traits that are keeping you in the boring category.

If you're serious about understanding women, then you have to understand my number one rule:

"Don't look at what a woman thinks she wants - or SAYS she wants. Look at what she DOES."

People will tell you just about anything - but when it comes to understanding women, remember that actions ALWAYS speak louder than words.

Women secretly resent the nice guy because he gives all his power away. If you can be the kind of confident Alpha Man she really wants, you'll maintain your respect and dignity with any woman you get with.

UNDERSTANDING WOMEN SECRET 3) Immerse yourself in your masculinity...

When I was 15, I took a class in Spanish at my high school.

hot girl From the moment the bell rang, my teacher started speaking Spanish - NO english, and we were looking at each other like, WTF?

At the start, we were totally confused and struggling...

But by the end of class, we were actually starting to SPEAK Spanish. And understand it! It was crazy.

Well, this method of teaching has been proven to be THE most effective way to learn a new language. You don't dip your toe in the pool; you dive in the deep end and start swimming.

This method is called "immersion."

Well, in order to get reconnected to your inner Alpha Man, you need to make a swift course change to get yourself back on track. It means two strategies: one is to get rid of your inner wussy nice guy, and the other is to start bringing out your inner bad boy.

  • Go out and hang out with some manly guys for a day.
  • Throw a football.
  • Swear like a sailor.
  • Go talk gadgets & sports.
  • Go for a hike in the wilderness.

Get back in touch with your masculinity, and understanding women won't seem difficult at all - because you'll understand what it is to be a MAN.

These days, it's hard to find anyone who can tell you what it is to be a real man. That's why I spent years putting together all the information that you need to communicate your Alpha Masculinity.

These are the lessons I wish my dad had taught me.

Listen to what this student says:

"I finished your Alpha Masculinity program, and I'm BLOWN AWAY with how much AMAZING content is in there. THANK YOU!"  - Jack J.

Go take a look here to learn more about understanding women, where I outline the 4 steps I used to get my balls back from women and finally got my "man up".

Your friend,

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