Bad Boy Fashion Tips

Hey Carlos,

I have watched your bad boy image video and it has made me look more bad ass than I ever have looked. I have been getting hit on and stared at from many women…

But I have a question with the bad boy look. A couple of days ago I lost a friend. I know on funerals, people have to wear a black suit to pay the respects of the one that passed away.

However, I do not like wearing suits since because it makes me look like I am trying too hard. I do not see any tips on bad boyish when wearing a dress suit on the video. How can I look more bad boyish wearing a suit?


Victor K.

Great question, Victor…

Style is one of those things that can be very context-dependent.

Meaning that where you are depends a great deal on how stylish you will look. You don’t want to go to your friends’ funeral in a clown suit – that would be just plain absurd in disrespectful.

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But in a circus, you’d fit right in. (Scary as that might be.)

So that being said, your preference is going to have to be overridden by the circumstances. A traditional black suit should be the rule of the day.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you can’t express some style and uniqueness with your appearance.

My general rule about this is that if you just find ONE element to use to express yourself – and demonstrate a bit of “Bad Boy“, you’re set.

You could choose a vivid colored tie…

Or maybe a bola (string) tie instead.

Don’t go too wild here, as everyone is going to be there to pay respects, and it’s all about remembering your friend – not standing out and making a fashion statement.

Converse hi-tops would be a bit too much.

But you get the point.

There’s always room to find an element of expression in your appearance.

Remember that “Bad Boy” doesn’t mean that you’re forcing your ego on people. It’s a way of expressing your personal power in a way that doesn’t have to offend anyone.

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