Natural Attraction Blueprint – Week 3

Welcome Back!

Here are your Week 3 files. This week, we move forward and more aggressively to get you real world results – focusing on “delivering the goods…”

This week is going to be very exciting.

Step 1 – Download and review this week’s Checklist:

START HERE: Week 3 Checklist

Step 2 – Watch these videos:

CLICK HERE: Week 3 Video 1 – Content – Part 1 (47 Minutes)

CLICK HERE: Week 3 Video 2 – Content – Part 2 (23 Minutes)

Step 3 – Listen To These Audio Tutorials:

How To Close And Get Her Number:

REQUIRED: Click PLAY above OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Week 3: How To Close (10 Mins.)

OPTIONAL: Click PLAY above OR CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Week 3 Audio Tutorial (20 Mins.)

OPTIONAL: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: Talk To Women Special – Part 2 (22 Mins.)

Step 4 – Complete These Assignments:

Week 3 ASSIGNMENT 3A – Conversation Blueprint

Week 3 ASSIGNMENT 3B – Connecting Workshop

Week 3 ASSIGNMENT 3C – Approach Worksheet

OPTIONAL: Week 3 ASSIGNMENT 3D – Tease Worksheet

It may look like a lot here, but these are all fairly short exercises. Shouldn’t take more than 45-60 minutes to do them all.

Download Or View These OPTIONAL Files:

Reference Ebook – Week Three Content

Reference Mindmap – Week 3


I am ready, willing and able to help you with every part of this week’s homework assignment!

If you need any assistance at all with this week’s assignment, USE THE PRIVATE MESSAGE FORM and let me offer suggestions, give feedback, etc., for each of these assignments. If you need help, I’m here!

Please just be very specific with your questions – especially if you’re referencing a previous email, an assignment, or other content that you want clarified.

Remember, you are entitled to ask ONE QUESTION PER DAY – Monday through Friday – related to the current topic for me to personally answer… so use this coaching access! (And they cannot be “rolled over” like cell phone minutes.)

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals…


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