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Girlfriend Training Program - complete

What Are My Values?
Guidebook containing questions to help men discover their core values. Includes directions on how to find them, questions, directions on how to use their values to make decisions with women.

Discovering Who You Are & Where You Are Right Now!

Interview with Dr. Benjamin Karney from the relationship institute
Audio – Dr. Karney and Marni discuss: How women select men for long term vs. short term (sex), signs she flirting, long term success with women.

How women evalute men
Marni discussing the selection and evaluation process women use to select the men they want

Mistakes men Make that turn women off
Marni talks to a good girlfriend after she comes back from a 3 date with a guy where she was totally turned off by him.

The importance of connections through conversation with women
Marni discusses how connection is the difference between having a woman talking to you and having a woman wanting to talk to you more and want you

Top 3 Characteristics Women Want
Video – Marni reveals the top 3 characteristics women find attractive and how to get them. 1. How to build confidence (exercises), 2. Be proactive (groups to join) 3. Being fun. Video tells men exactly how to activate their social life and build a world around them that women will want to be part of.

How to talk to women
Marni interviews UK Wing Girl Hayley Quinn on how to talk to women and make them want you. Introducing how the word BECAUSE can be the difference between lover and friend.

Where to meet women
Marni interviews San Diego Wing Girl Vanae on where to meet women. Together we list the top 3 places to meet women and how to utilize them to meet quality, beautiful women.

Can women like men who are unemployed

10 Signs She’s Flirting with you – Report

How To Deal With Gold Diggers?
Audio – Marni being interviewed by Ryan DRH on how to spot a golddigger, how to get rid of one, call one out, talk to women about money and finances, gets pretty deep

How to ask a girl out – case study

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