Secret Signals You Need To Show Women…?

You don’t know Zack…

Zack is my girlfriend’s cousin.

I don’t think you know him, but you could definitely learn something about men and women if you spend any time around him.

On the outside, if you look at Zack you think: “Wow, cool guy. Good looking. Successful. He’s got money.”

So when you see him with an attractive woman, your mind just assumes this is normal. It’s the way the world works.

Attractive women want attractive men…

Guys without money don’t stand a chance…

Unfortunately, these are lies that appear true on the surface, but only because we see the surface, and not what’s going on underneath.

Hey, Zack is a cool guy, but he’s not happy.

You see him with attractive women, but is miserable at heart.


Because these women OWN him.

They wear him like a fur coat…

…that HE bought for her!

He’s with her for a few months, and then – when she’s used him for all she can, and she’s sick of him acting like a doormat – she dumps him.

This is Zack’s pattern, and he’s powerless to do anything about it.

Because he doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong.

Some guys I’ve coached have even said to me:

“Carlos, sometimes I feel like *I* have to be THAT guy to get women. I need to either be good looking or spend all my money trying to impress her…”

Inevitably I have to sit down with them and show them what women are REALLY looking for that goes way beyond the looks or money.

(By the way, MONEY is the wrong focus. What women are looking for is what money SIGNALS about you. I’ll be covering that in one of my next few articles…)

I’m going to give you show you one of the secret signals women are looking for right now.

One of the biggest signals men give to women is showing her their emotional stability.

What a lot of guys do these days is lose their cool.

You never used to see this happen “back in the day.” Guys were brought up to keep their emotions in check, and not freak out when something out of the norm happened.

In fact, guys were expected to be able to stay “cool, calm, and collected.” I remember hearing that phrase all the time growing up, and now I understand why.

Women want to see that you’ve got yourself under control, because that’s the only way you could ever take charge of the occasional blip on your radar.

Do you think she wants a guy who’s going to start freaking out and panicking when things aren’t going as planned?

Or does she want a guy that can look at the situation, figure out what needs to be done, and just jump in and handle it?

(HINT – it’s not the freak-out option. 🙂

Watch a few of the old movies where the guys in them didn’t fold like a wet taco whenever life threw them a curve ball.

Heck, even in movies in the 80s like Raiders Of The Lost Ark, you can see a can-do guy who doesn’t lose his cool when his plans get shot to hell.

In fact, Indiana Jones seemed to thrive on those situations.

So Nazis abducted your girlfriend?

Get on a horse and go figure out what needs to be done.

“I’ll think of something…” he would say.

Well, guess what?

So will YOU.

Stop freaking and losing your cool.

Stay frosty…

And if you want to know more about these “secret sexual signals” that women are looking for, I suggest you go look at this:


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