Do Chicks = Trouble?

You may or may not recognize that as the title of one of Motley Crue’s latest songs.

(I’m a relic of the heavy metal days when bands were rowdy and trashed hotel rooms, so I had to grab their album…)

Well, I was listening to the lyrics to this song, and I thought that this is the perception that some guys have of women when they don’t know how to handle her natural feminine force.

Oh, yeah. Just like Darth and Obi Wan, women have a very powerful ‘force’ all of their own.

It’s their FEMININITY.

You know it.

You’ve felt it when they walk by you in those short-short jean shorts and that thin little T-shirt that says: “Girls Rule” on it.

Just a moment of shared eye contact and you feel your solar plexus tighten up like a drum…


Hit me with some more of THAT….!

Just sitting here and thinking about that kind of feeling makes me smile, because it’s something I’ve experience a thousand times, and I know YOU have, too.

It’s the best kind of feeling, but unfortunately, it does nothing for our confidence and ability to manage the women in our life.

Let’s be clear here…

The only chicks that = trouble are the ones that you LET run wild in the playground of your life.

I’ll admit that back when I didn’t have a lot of ability to handle the crazy crap that girls sometimes throw at you, I had a lot of troubles. But I found out later that these same women could be as tame as kittens when they were around men who knew their MASCULINE power.

Oh, yeah. Just like Darth and Obi Wan, men have a more powerful force all of our own.


For some people, that word has managed to sound almost negative lately. Don’t be fooled.

Being a man has never been more important.

So back to that song…

Do chicks really = trouble?

Only if you cannot be the leader – the Alpha Man – who knows how to manage her energy with your own energy.

You ever been out at a bar and a group of women are together, and one of them hears a song the DJ puts on, and she screams: “Ohmigod! Ohmigod! I sooooo requested this! Come on, we have to go dance!”

And she promptly yanks your girl away from right in front of you to go up on the dance floor…

Some guys call this “cockblocking,” but it’s really just girls being girls.

And it’s annoying as hell when it happens, isn’t it? You feel abandoned. Like the rug was just pulled out from under you.

You know what I do when this happens to me?

I just invite myself out with them on the dance floor, making sure to keep my target in my sights, while still getting all funky and dancing with the whole group.

AND I make sure that I’m having more fun than anybody in that group in the process.

You see, most guys either go out on the dance floor against their will, or they just follow-along to avoid being abandoned.

Or, they simply don’t do ANYTHING. They wait around until the group gets tired and comes back with their new drinks…

…and 3 new guys they met while bumping and grinding on the dance floor.

Ah yes. Crazy times.

You see, in a bar or club, or just on the street corner, the person who has the strongest reality will be the leader of the situation. The person that’s most convinced of their own value will rule.

That better be YOU, or the woman will simply never get very attracted to you.

Think back to the guys you see leaving bars with chicks on their arm…

Yup. They’re the guys that are most in control of the situation, leading the women, and having MORE fun than most of the people they’re with.

But if your headspace is filled with more concerns and worries than it is with fun, chances are you won’t do too well. You’ll give off the vibe of the “needy” guy, and women can pick up on this.

And that’s why I’m here to tell you – once again – that chicks do NOT equal trouble if you’re the one in control of the situation.

Not being a dick and controlling things, but just knowing that no matter what happens, you’re the guy with the plan and the path to fun.

The chorus in that Motley Crue song goes: “They’ll kick you when you’re down in the ditch…”

Which is completely untrue.

IF you’re a guy who can sniff out the drunk, obnoxious girls.

And keep your ass out of the ditch!

But let me put something to you…

Wouldn’t it make sense to go find the QUALITY women that are out there?

These are the classy gals that are all over the place, but they don’t really go to the bars or clubs.

  • She might be reading a magazine in the local bookstore…
  • She might be in front of you in the line at Starbucks…
  • She might be on her cell phone on a street corner…
  • She might be in the produce section of your grocery store…
  • She could be anywhere in the other 96% of your life that you don’t spend in bars.

And every time you see her, you just wished you knew what to say to her to start a conversation with her…

Well now you can find out.

All you have to do is learn how to use your “Day Game.”

This skill is called “Day Game,” because you don’t have to do be in a bar or club at night to do it.

What it’s really about is approaching women ANYTIME and ANYPLACE you want to meet women.

I believe this is the strongest strategy for meeting women because it doesn’t depend on special rules to get you into a conversation with a woman.

And you see women all day long – everywhere you go…

Imagine if you could just walk up and meet any attractive woman you see, and never have that feeling of tension and anxiety in your gut…

No more “Approach Anxiety…”

What would that do for your confidence?

How many more dates would you have?

What would that do for your love life?

All I can tell you is that when guys see these skills put to use, they are envious of the guys that have them.

THAT is what living the Alpha Lifestyle is about. Creating the kind of life that other men would envy – and that other women want to be a part of.

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