How To Meet Girls Offline

If you’re out there meeting women or trying to date at all, you’ve probably run into the frustration of having to find a place to go to meet new girls.

Most guys aren’t keen on the singles bar experience, and even if you don’t mind going there to meet girls, it’s not where you feel good about trying to find a real girlfriend.

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Most people there seem to just be interested in a hookup. Or they’re simply the wrong age.

I’ve read a lot of the articles that tell you to go to cooking lessons and dance lessons, and yeah those can work.

But the reality is that when you go to these events you wind up thinking, “Man, there’s not a lot of attractive girls here.”

And if there are, they are probably already taken. Or every other guy who read that article and decided to sign up to a cooking class to get laid is now on her like white on rice.

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It’s not pretty, and it’s also not very efficient.

I’m sure you’ve heard these gems of advice before:

“Want to meet women? Go to the Gym!”

I go to the 24-Hour Fitness by my house at least 3 or 4 times a week. Since I’m a creature of habit, I tend to go at the same time each day.

Which means I see the same damn people there every day. (Apparently most people are creatures of habit.)

So after you see the 3 or 4 hotties that show up, and you realize one is taken, one is kinda broken, and the others aren’t really into chatting with you when they’re sweating like a pig and their breath could knock a buzzard off a dung heap…

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You figure out that the pickings aren’t so great.

But before you do give up on the gym – here’s some obvious advice:

1) Join a chain that has many locations that you can visit. This will expand your pool of options greatly.

2) Go at different times to maximize the chances of running into someone new.

3) Take a class once in a while – you’ll encounter new people that you also wouldn’t normally.

Have you heard this one:

“Want to meet girls? Go to the Grocery Store!”

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Yeah this is another one of those common nuggets of wisdom about meeting women.

This one is a bit better than the gym because if you go to the grocery or market the same time each night, you’re not likely to run into the same people that much.

But… you’d have to go a few nights a week.

And, let’s face it – most guys feel a little weird trying to meet women in the grocery.

It’s got the same feel as walking up to a woman on the street and starting up a conversation.

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Which – I don’t know about you – used to completely TERRIFY me.

Still – this can also be done with a low risk if you:

1) Don’t haunt the store for 3 hours.

Just pick up a few things at a time, and keep moving around like you’ve got some purpose.

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When I coached guys on this one, I noticed that they would feel really creepy because they were spending way too much time in one section, like he was waiting to kidnap someone.

Just make it more natural by shopping as you shop.

2) Strike up conversations with the employees.

The people who work there can be your greatest allies when it comes to flirting with the women that come through.

It’s a lot of social proof and validation when you’re seen connecting with people on a friendly basis, too. You look like a man of status.

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Now, these are all fine and dandy for methods for meeting girls offline, but you also have to have a good plan for how to do it more effectively.

Why meet women 1 or 2 at a time when you can meet them by the dozen…?

At least, that’s a better plan in my book.

So let me share a few of my tips for how to meet girls offline with you that will help you out.

Not only will you “harvest” a higher yield of female interest, you’ll save yourself time and energy.

Go to outdoor (and indoor) music

There’s something kind of magical about music. It brings people together, and breaks down a lot of the fake social barriers we put up between ourselves and “strangers.”

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I always find that it’s easier to talk to people at concerts and live music venues.

You just make a comment to someone about the band, and – voila! You’re in.

And it’s only a few short conversational steps to bridge over into other similar bands, other stuff they enjoy, and the conversation takes care of itself.

The coffee shop

YES… I know. This one is pretty beaten to death, too.

BUT – there is a way to do it effectively. And since so many people go to Starbucks and other coffee places out of habit anyway, you should always be ready to strike up a conversation.

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Here’s a little tip that will serve you, though:

Don’t flirt with the women that are obviously in the middle of some intensive work project, or are furiously texting someone while they’re waiting.

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However – I give you full permission to peek at her screen and see what she’s doing. I’ll bet any amount of money she’s probably playing a casual game on her smartphone.

(Speaking of mobile devices, did you know you can literally get a woman addicted to you with just her phone? You can learn more about it here – )

If she isn’t in the middle of an intense conversation, I give you full permission to bust her chops on it.

In fact, you can even say something like:

“Hey, I thought you were in the middle of an intense text there, and you’re just playing a game? What’s up with that…”


“Oh, man – my sister had to go into digital rehab for playing that game… how far are you?”

These are good guaranteed conversation starters that will work with most girls.

And I’ve got one more place you should consider when it comes to meeting girls offline: Speed Dating

Seriously. If you haven’t tried this out yet, it’s the best thing you can do to radically increase the women you’re dating.

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Sometimes called “pre-dating,” this event basically pairs you up with a girl in your general age range to talk to for a set time period (usually 4-8 minutes). It’s like a mini-date.

Trust me – I should know: I used to organize these events. It’s like shooting ducks in a barrel, as the saying goes.

Now some people complain that it’s not enough time, but let me assure you that when it comes to figuring out if you’ve got chemistry with a girl, 4-8 minutes is about all you need.

This isn’t rocket science. (And besides, most of the people complaining are women.)

Just go in with a solid plan, and stick to it.

Here’s what you DON’T do on a speed dating event:

1) Ask a bunch of friggin’ boring questions.

Every time I go to one of these, I’m stunned at the lack of thought any guys put into their questions for the women.

“What do you do?”

Seriously? That’s all you got, huckleberry?

“Where are you from?” (WORST question to ask a woman with foreign or exotic features, by the way. Women HATE it…)

“What brings you here?” – Never point out that she’s attending an event to meet men.

Girls hate the thought that they can’t just walk outside and have Prince Charming come and sweep her away.

So don’t put her on the spot with it here. You need to have a well thought out question or two to throw at her.

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This is your pre-emptive strike, and you can’t let her immediately lump you in with the rest of the guys that have no game… ya dig?

Instead – try something like this:

“What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to work to earn a living?”

“Who’s your hero in your life?”

Break her program! Interrupt her pattern!

Make her sit up and notice the hell out of you.

2) Don’t give her control

Most women are used to taking control of conversations these days. It’s a nasty male habit that needs to get stomped out like small pox.

I’m not saying you aggressively steamroll her in the conversation, but you want to step up and show her the dominant male that her genes ache for more than a heroin addict wants that next needle.

So do this by – politelyignoring whatever question she might throw you. She’s just nervously trying to steer things.

You will just smile at her question and say:

“Let me ask you something:”

And use one of those great questions you’ve got stored up for just this moment. Or just use one of the ones I just gave you.

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She’ll go along with it. She’s been waiting for a guy all night long that she can’t control – and you just delivered him.

And then congratulate yourself – on the inside – for being twice the man she deserves.

3) Use the intermission

Yeah, they give you a few rounds before there’s usually a break so you can go get another glass of “liquid courage” or go pee.

What you need to do is to stay sober, stay focused.

When other guys are lining up for the bathroom, you go zero in on the target honey of the evening.

There’s always a prize girl in every event, and you can bet every guy has marked her down as his. What they didn’t count on was YOU…

If you haven’t met her yet, go up to her and say hello – tell her about something you noticed about her – the way she carries herself with class.

And even if you have met her, you should re-establish yourself to her. Be cool, talk about the venue and the food.

Keep it casual, no more deep questions.

When the event looks like it’s about to restart, wink, smirk, and tell her to mark you as a yes on her sheet.

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Walk away. Your job is done.

Also, keep in mind there will always be a few “game girls” at these events. Yeah, some women come to these things just to see what they can pull.

“Do I still have it?” she wonders. And signs up on the pretense of wanting to meet a few guys, but she really wants to see if she has any girl-power.

It’s okay, there are women like this everywhere. They’re online, they’re offline, and it’s just part of dating.

But 95% of the women are there to hook up.

And you’ve also got all that time after the event to get one or two to come grab drinks with you somewhere else. (That’s a pro tip, by the way. Never fails to get a little post-speed-date action.)

In the end, you have to be very careful about your energy when it comes to meeting women. Most guys squander their efforts, settling for sub-par results.

What this does is wear you down so that you only feel friction and resistance to the thought of meeting girls.

You start to feel tired about dating, and you haven’t been out with a girl in weeks or months.

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Remember that the goal is to make meeting women as easy and natural as possible. You do this by building in opportunity everywhere you go. That’s what my R.E.A.L. Game™ is all about.

Relaxed and real, the way to meet women effortlessly.

If you want more information on how to do this, go on over to:

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