How to Talk to Women and Reel Them In

Want to get advice on approaching women from a FEMALE perspective?

My good friend Amy North is filling in for me today, and she’s got some great tips on how to talk to girls. Being a lady and all, she’s got the inside track on what turns women on during a conversation.

Things to talk about with a girl

Pay attention, because she’ll show you what works AND what doesn’t work. Say goodbye to those rookie mistakes and stand out from the hundred other guys who’ve crashed and burned.

Take it away, Amy…

When it comes to women, simply talking to them can seem as challenging as climbing Mount Everest.

Since men and women communicate differently from one another, knowing how to speak to a lady can take you far when it comes to dating.

While it’s true that one-liners may initially get a woman’s attention, it’s knowing how to carry a conversation after the fact that is important.

A problem that so many men make is not putting any thought into what they’re going to say or talk about until they are face-to-face with a woman. When this happens they find themselves scrambling for words.

What to talk about with a girl

To avoid this awkwardness, here are some helpful tips for talking to a woman:

Be Attentive

It a well known fact that the most women love to talk. While getting a woman to open up can seem tough, once she feels like you care about what she has to say she’ll keep the conversation rolling.

To do this, make sure that you focus on her, not you.

If you’re too busy thinking about what you’re going to say next to impress her, or how you can top her story with your own, then she’ll quickly realize that she doesn’t have your full attention.

How to talk to a girl you like

Instead listen to what she has to say and avoid cutting her off. Laugh at her jokes, ask questions about her stories and don’t get distracted by what’s going on around you.

Remember, being a good listener is far more important than being witty.

Be Positive

Chances are the woman you’re speaking to has enough problems of her own and doesn’t want to hear about yours.

As much as the tragic act may seem like a good way to get her attention, no one likes a pity party and even if she does feel bad for you, she’s not going to be interested in anything more than making sure you’re okay.

Instead use positivity to your advantage and show her what a great catch you are.

how to get a girl to like you

Ask her questions that are fun and cheery, and be sure to avoid interrogating her.

Be Polite

The way men talk to men is vastly different from how women talk to women. This means that the way you chat with your buddies won’t fly if you’re trying to woo her.

Women enjoy intelligent conversation, so refrain from telling dirty jokes or swearing like a sailor.

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If you want her to enjoy talking to you, then you have to show her that you care about her input and aren’t just trying to pick her up. Remember, manners are key!

Be Humorous

They say the key to a woman’s heart is laughter, so if you can make her chuckle then you’re well on your way with her (just be sure she’s not laughing at you).

Men who can make a woman put her guard down and wholeheartedly laugh are able to create a spark between themselves and the woman their speaking to.

How to seduce women

That said, it’s important to know your “audience” before you make a joke. While some girls love a little sexual humor, others will be turned off by it.

Make sure that your jokes are suitable and avoid saying anything that had the potential to make her feel uncomfortable.

Be Honest

If there’s one thing women are good at it’s cutting through the bullshit.

This means that if you’re going to lie to her or try and impress with fictional stories she’ll know. What’s worse is she’ll also think you’re pathetic.

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Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, be honest with her.

Women love a man who can be open and vulnerable. The best way to carry a conversation and make a connection with someone is by being genuine.

Be Flirtatious

There’s nothing worse than using cheesy pickup lines to make a woman interested in you. While she may be flattered by your words, if she can tell it’s a rehearsed approach then it’ll only make her cringe.

If you’re going to flirt with a woman be sure to set the foundation first and use original compliments. Trust me, cliche remarks like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven” will send her running!

Why use canned material when you can be original instead? Go with the flow and draw humor from the situation.

Maybe she’s got a funky pair of shades or an shirt with an edgy design. Make a funny comment or tease her a little about it.

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Just make sure keep it light-hearted and not too mean.

She has to know you’re just poking a little harmless fun – that’s the essence of flirting.

Above all, don’t worry about the outcome. You shouldn’t worry whether she digs your jokes or not.

Stay in the present moment and save the analysis AFTER it’s over.

She might laugh, she might tell you to get lost. Who cares?

Just learn from the experience and give it another go next time. Women would rather that you don’t care too much.

You won’t be doing yourself any favors by dwelling on thoughts like “What if she doesn’t like me?” or “What if she thinks I’m a loser?”

If she feels you’ve got a lot riding on the conversation, she’s going to feel that tense vibe and back off.

So, ignore the noise of what-ifs in your head and focus on the conversation. Eventually, you’ll lose that attachment to the outcome and loosen up.

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Remember, a non-needy attitude is what attracts women. Soon enough, you’ll learn to embrace that fear and power through.

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