How To Have Affairs With “Married” Women – Sorta…

Today I want to explain how to get married women to cheat.

Wait… Did I just say that?

Well, I’m going to make good on the title of this article. I will show you how and why married women cheat.

But I will not help you break up marriages!

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(And you really gotta be careful – some guys don’t take well to having their women stolen.)

No, I’m going to explain why women cheat so you can get single women to feel the same addictive thrill of cheating – even when you’re not doing anything ‘wrong.’

AND – the side benefit is that you’ll understand how to keep women from wanting to cheat on you, because you’ll know what causes that nasty little turn of loyalty into an affair.

Look, there are reasons that we cheat on our significant others. They usually come down to a few primary causes.

Novelty – It’s nice to get a piece of strange every once in a while. (Yeah, ladies, even you go for this one every so often.)

Appreciation – All it takes is that cute girl who knows how to appreciate you and respect your accomplishments – and look suitably impressed – and you’re smitten.

Receptive – If someone just LISTENS to us – instead of just waiting for their chance to talk – we will find them attractive.

POWER – Oh, hell yeah. A lot of people cheat just because they CAN cheat. It pumps up their ego and makes them feel like they are the shizzle. Mostly guys fit in this category.

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Severe personality flaw – Sometimes it’s not that a person cheated, it’s that they are by nature a cheater. They have a bottomless need to pump up their ego or their self-esteem, and getting that “fix” from sleeping with others is how they do it.

Of course, they always do this from the safety of a relationship that keeps them stable. And that’s always at their unwitting partner’s expense.

But ultimately, cheating comes down to this: “I want to feel better. It gratifies me. I can do it… I’m going to do it.”

Humans are such pushovers, I tell you.

And the reality is that this is as simple as we need to get with the reasons why people cheat.

WHY isn’t really the question we ask when it happens to us, anyway. We’re really asking:

“Why did you lie to me, betray me, and throw away the loyalty I value so much just to go somewhere else for a piece of ass?”

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It seems illogical – but then again, that’s not why we do ANYTHING in the context of a relationship.

We do what we do because of how it makes us feel. Plain and simple.

Asking WHY usually is just another way of trying to figure out where we screwed up along the way, anyway.

So if you understand the reasons why married women – arguably the most pure form of commitment there is – if you understand why married women cheat, you should see something pretty amazing about how women fall for men in the first place.

First off, here’s how most cheating situations start:

– Boy meets girl.

– Boy and girl fall for each other (usually purely from chemistry, not always compatibility)

– The hormonal release guarantees that they fall in love and are reluctant to break the bond. It becomes easier to stay in the relationship than leave.

fall in love

– Short term limerance – the passion of falling in love – turns into long-term connection to your partner. At least on a very subconscious level.

– Boy and Girl fail to understand each other on a very deep level. So they fail to understand or meet each other’s needs.

– Boy and Girl start seeing temptations in other people. Their social behavior is different because they have the “security” and stability of a long term relationship. So they don’t feel as desperate as many of the single people out there. This feels incredibly attractive to the single people they meet.

(This is also why, when you’re not dating someone, it’s hard to find a girlfriend. And why women start being more attracted to you when you finally do have one. That, and some people just find social proof very attractive by itself.)

– We start coming up with all the reasons why we’re not happy with the relationship, but we do nothing to really fix them. And those reasons we’re not happy just flip over and become reasons that it’s okay to step out with someone else. It’s almost like we DESERVE the affair to make up for all the stuff we put up with in the relationship.

– Flirting turns into opportunity, and then into infidelity.

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– Rather than fix the relationship (that feels too hard), it’s easier to just finally jump ship over to the new one. Or just keep cheating because of the exciting emotions it creates. And find a new partner when this one starts getting to be too much like the current one.

And the part that most people don’t realize is that they often enable their partner to cheat on them.

We tolerate behavior that we shouldn’t, and we communicate in no uncertain terms that we’ll take whatever is dished out to us.

Which gives the other person the knowledge that they have all the power in the relationship. They can do whatever they like with no threat of repercussions.


First, I’m going to explain how to avoid getting cheated on – and then I’ll sneak in a few tips on how this can be used – ethically – in your favor to attract women.


Let’s go:

1) If you want to avoid getting cheated on, don’t date a woman who can’t delay her own gratification.

In study after study after study, the single most important indication of success in all areas of life is not what degree you got in school. It’s how long you can wait to get your dessert.

I once saw a clever t-shirt that read: “Eat dessert first. Life is uncertain.”

It’s been shown every time that the person who eats their dessert first is typically the person who will never have the self-control or self-discipline to persist and work for the goodies in life.

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They always bail as soon as someone plunks down a nice banana split for them.

If she doesn’t have self-control, she’ll be tempted every time a guy throws her a compliment.

That being said, keep in mind that compliments DO work with women. There’s a whole school of thought that compliments are the worst thing you can give a woman, and that’s simply not true.

Compliments fail when the guy delivering them is transparent with his desire to manipulate her emotions.

If it’s obvious he’s just complimenting to flatter her, even the dumbest of the dumbest can sense that one.

But if you can appreciate something that a) doesn’t have to do with her appearance, and b) is something she seems to need appreciating, you can easily get some traction with a well placed compliment.

2) If you want to avoid getting cheated on, don’t choose someone with poor boundaries.

Boundaries are where a person draws the line and says, “Oh no. That’s unacceptable.”

Most guys these days are willing to accept anything if they can just get laid. And that’s a horrible position to come from with a girl.

Remember, it’s up to you to keep her on her toes. If you let her get away with too much, she will lose attraction, then respect.

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When she’s lost respect for you, she will only stick around for free meals and gifts. Then she’ll start banging guys on the side, and have no conscience about it.

Remember, every hot woman out there has – on average – about 4 guys chasing her at any given time. With the boom of “Hookup Culture” – and apps that let her swipe guys in and out of her life with one finger… she can break up with you before lunch, and have a date with a replacement by dinnertime.

And if you think I’m exaggerating, guess again.

There are 100 million people on the new mobile dating apps. No one is going to bars to meet anymore.

Even college kids don’t meet as many people socially as they do online. It’s just easier.

So you have to be on your toes.

And finally…

3) Always be willing to walk away.

The person with the most power in any situation is the one who can afford to get up and leave. It doesn’t matter if it’s politics, negotiations, bartering, or dating.

This means the willingness to walk away, not the desire to walk away.

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If you feel like you can’t leave, or you’ve got nothing better, all you will do is take shit from people. Whether it’s your job, or your woman.

This ability to get up and leave, keeps the other person from taking you for granted. And this works both ways, too.

She needs to have the self-respect to walk away if you become a little Caesar with her – a micro tyrant.

I know – I used to become like this with women when they would let me walk all over them.

You have to view your girlfriend as a situation of CHOICE.

You’re both choosing to be there, and either one of you could leave if you had to. Which, ironically, makes you want to stay.

Consider this: Women are currently the initiator of 90% of all divorces.

Why is this?

It’s not because men are terrible partners.

Women choose to leave mostly because they have a more sophisticated attachment mechanism than men do.

Contrary to the ABC Thursday Movie Of The Week – usually some kind of female empowerment propoganda – women do not tend to stick around too long in a relationship where her needs aren’t getting met.

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They have NO PROBLEM moving on.

Most guys think things are just swell and great, and after they win the woman they desire, they coast. Because a guy doesn’t typically need as much from the relationship.

But then the doubts and misgivings creep into her head, and her unhappiness festers.

You might remember, there are two kinds of men women marry:

The Resource Provider: who gives her support and keeps her alive. The “Husband/Father” role.

The Gene Provider: who gives her sex and strong offspring. The “Alpha” role.

This dual mating strategy is very controversial, because neither gender likes this bit of unsavory exposure.

Women don’t like being portrayed as being capable of such a mercenary attitude, and men don’t like what it means to his well-ordered image of a relationship and his contribution to it.

Especially if he knows he could be traded out in a moment if it suited her needs.

This isn’t to paint women in a bad light. It’s more widely believed that women seek out both strategies in the same man whenever possible.

However, it’s also an OPTION for any intelligent woman.

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And it’s only by recognizing that a woman can be attracted to both strategies in *the same man* that we see the path to a real Alpha Man attitude.

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