7 Powerful Ways To Text Flirt With Women

Nowadays, we’re pretty much wired into our mobile phones all the time. Whether you’re at the mall, an airport, in church or even on the freeway (!), you’re bound to see someone glued to their screen.

And chances are at least one of them is texting on their phone. For the last two decades or so, texting has been one of the most basic ways to get a quick message across at the speed of thought.

This is why a lot of men ask me how to get girls though texting. Maybe a friend of theirs got a girlfriend thanks to some flirty texts, and now they want a piece of the action too.

What to text a girl

It seems easy enough to do it – boy meets girl, boy gets girl’s number and boy hooks up with her after a few Ninja texts.

Honestly, it’s not as straightforward as you might think, but it IS possible. You just need to master the basics of texting a girl to improve your hit-miss ratio in a relatively short amount of time.

But before we get into my highly effective examples of what to text girls, you need to understand one basic fact: Texting all by itself won’t convince her to go out with you.

It is, however, a VITAL step in the process that will help you reach the final stage of seducing a girl. At its core, texting is meant to trigger a woman’s positive emotions and get her to associate those feelings with YOU.

When you can keep doing this on a regular basis, she’ll get a small burst of euphoria at the very thought of you.

Then you’ll find it easier to connect with her during the times you’re actually together.

So, we need to be clear on the fact that she’s not going to be your girlfriend just from your text conversations – it just doesn’t work that way. That means you’re not going to win her over by endlessly barraging her with one text after another.

how to text a girl

Small, steady doses win the race.

Always keep the other half of the equation in mind, which is having good rapport with her when you’re face-to-face. If you do it right, texting will keep this connection going when you’re apart.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to learn how to text flirt with a woman so she won’t be able to get you out of her head:

Text Flirt Tactic #1: Misread the Situation

I’ll be honest – I’m partial to this technique because it works so damn well.

Your goal here is to throw her off-balance just a bit by reading into her texts the “wrong” way.

Take this scenario for instance…

YOU: Hey, how’s it going?

HER: Having a bit of a crazy day. Seriously need to blow off some steam … wanna catch up this Friday?

YOU: Yup that would be awesome, we should totally do it.

(Wait about 10 seconds, then text her again)

YOU: I meant, meet up – not do “it”

how to get a girl to like you

By misreading her text as something more, it’ll seem like she was coming on a bit too strong. Then, you can flip the script and be the one to turn down her “naughty” invitation.

Sweet, right?

But we’re just getting started…

Text Flirt Tactic #2: Tell Her About a Dream Involving Her

You can get her used to the idea of having R-rated conversations with you by using this sweet little texting technique.

Here’s the deal about girls: they want men to WANT them. It’s a great feeling to be validated in a basic, primal way.

Men like that feeling too, but NOT on the same level as women. So the better you are at pushing this button with women, the greater success you’ll have at attracting them.

With the “I dreamt about you” text, you can introduce some intrigue and get her fired up. Try this one on her…

“I don’t know if I should share this with you…but I had the craziest dream about you the other night.”

Obviously she’ll push for more details, so throw her a bone and reply with:

“Well, to be honest…it was a bit dirty.”

How to seduce women

Now you have her full attention. When she asks about it, here’s what you say:

“Well, ok…so I dreamt we were driving a garbage truck and going around the neighborhood collecting people’s trash. We were up to our knees in moldy cardboard boxes and leftover dinner scraps.”

You get the point. Feel free to think of another dream just as “dirty”.

Here’s a favorite of mine: “We were watching a baseball game and you were swearing like a sailor because you got mad at one of the players for missing the pitch!”

This is a gentle way to get sexual with your text messages without actually mentioning sex. The sooner you can work this in, the more comfortable she’ll be with discussing the topic in the long run.

Text Flirt Tactic #3: Give Her a Little Tiramisu

For those of you not familiar with the translation of the word “Tiramisu” – it means “pick me up” in Italian.

An effective way to give her a little pick-me-up is by texting something nice to her first thing in the morning.

how to get the girls

This has a great effect on women in general – it’s mostly because they appreciate the attention so early in the day.

Try these out and feel free to create your own later on:

– “Today’s Fashion tip: wear something that NEVER goes out of style…like your killer smile, for example :)”

– “Let me just say you’re looking mighty fine this morning.” When she asks, “Oh you saw me?” hit her back with “Well, not exactly…I just know you look awesome all the time :)”

– “Hey did you call Minka Kelly (or your celebrity of choice) yet ?” After she asks why, tell her “You need to get your DNA back…she’s a poor knock-off of you ;)”

– “Hey there, do me a favor and put me on your to-do list if you haven’t already ;)”

Other attraction coaches will probably tell you NEVER to mention a girl’s looks AT ALL because it gives her the upper hand or something like that.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

The truth is that you NEED to do this every now and then (in moderation of course).

how to get the girls

Let’s face it, the reason why you’re texting her is because you think she’s hot.

And if you don’t acknowledge this from time to time, you’re just fooling yourself AND she’ll eventually go cold on you.

Text Flirt Tactic #4: Wrap Up the Day On a Sweet Note

Since you’re already texting her in the morning, it ALSO makes sense to let her know that you’re thinking about her before she hits the sack. Just think of it as a matter of symmetry.

how to text flirt

Don’t worry about getting fancy. Even the simplest of texts will work wonders on her:

“Good night and sleep tight. Sweet dreams…with any luck, I’ll be in them :)”

This is one step that a lot of guys overlook. Don’t pass up this chance to score additional points with your girl and put yourself ahead of the curve.

Text Flirt Tactic #5: Quit While You’re Ahead

The classic mistake is to stretch the conversation past the point of fun. You don’t want to get boring, so in this case, less is more.

One-liners are a big no-no (“ok”, “sup” and “K” are the biggest offenders), but at the same time, you need to resist the temptation to drag things out.

The ideal text conversation involves plenty of feel-good emotions AND one where YOU get to wrap it up.

Be the one to end the text conversation so you’re the one the driving the train, so to speak. Otherwise, you risk losing your leverage by not having the last word.

Let’s say you’re sending her one of those end-of-the-day texts. When it’s time to say your goodbyes, try sending her this:

“Gotta crash for now. Rest assured you’ll be in my thoughts tonight :)”

If you’re feeling a bit cocky and you know she’ll be cool with it, here’s a variation worth trying:

“Gotta crash for now. Try not to think of me too much tonight…”

(This of course, will make her do the exact opposite.)

Then it’s radio silence once you’ve reached this point. Whatever her reply is, get back to her in the morning.

how to call a woman

It’s perfectly fine to end the conversation on a bit of a cliffhanger. That gives her something to look forward to the next day and make her crave that closure that ONLY YOU can provide.

Text Flirt Tactic #6: Create Shared Humor

Did you have a cool or funny moment together? This text is designed to jog her memory – the more you do this, the better you can strengthen your connection with her.

Check this out:

“Last night was awesome…but not as awesome as that Jedi mind trick you pulled on that bouncer who let us into the club.”

how to be attractive to girls

The more memorable the moment, the better.

Think of stuff like the weird/interesting people you both ran into that night or maybe some private chuckle you had over something that went wrong.

And here’s one to knock it out of the park…

Text Flirt Tactic #7: Give Her a Reason To Think Naughty Thoughts

This time, it’s HER turn to misread your texts. Make your messages a bit ambiguous to let her mind run wild with juicy double entendres.

Get a load of these:

– “So I’m at Best Buy and can’t decide which TV to get. Got my eye on this sexy 1080p HD model. It’s kind of pricey…but I’m really tempted to blow my wad. This is really hard for me right now.”

– “Catching up on an old hobby…just picked up a DIY book on woodworking. Sometimes I get the urge to “do-it-myself”. Do you ever like to do-it-yourself when the mood strikes?”

what attracts women

Remember, you want to leave her plenty of room to read your texts the “wrong” way. And when she calls you out on it, you can play dumb and playfully tell her to get her mind out of the gutter.

Now you’ve got a little flirty back and forth teasing, and it’s the exact atmosphere you want to have with her.

Every girl’s got a dark side – you just need to give her a reason to show you.

But wait, I’m done yet…

Because I’m feeling extra nice today, I’ll share ONE MORE killer text with you to make her chase you even harder.

A good way to turn the tables on a girl is by putting her in a position where SHE has to work for YOUR approval.

But the trick is to be funny about it and not come across as rude or condescending.

Remember how teachers used to hand out gold stars (or some similar award) to encourage students to do well in school? You can do a grown-up version of this by turning your conversations into a game.

What to talk about with a girl

If you like, you can replace gold stars with something such as “points”, “credits” or “portions” (that last one only works if she saw the last Star Wars movie that came out).

Once you’ve decided on the “reward unit” to use, you’re good to go. Here’s how it should play out:

Let’s suppose you asked her about her interests – you say, “What kind of bands are you into?”

She might reply: “Mostly rock, although I’m not a fan of the loud/angry stuff. Alternative and indie get me going although I have some guilty pleasures like Katy Perry, LOL”

Then you tell her: “Cool. For that, you just got 10 gold stars! Yay!”

Now, she might either play along, OR push back by saying:

“Huh? I don’t recall this was a game…”

So you say: “Bzzt! 5 gold stars lost for not being fun.”

The #1 rule of this game is to keep it LIGHT. It’s all over if you get too intense with her.

The point of this text is to tell her that YOU’RE the one holding the cards. But she should always jump through your hoops WILLINGLY.

How to talk to a girl you like

By turning into a fun, flirty game, she’ll NEVER feel FORCED to do it.

But you might need a little something EXTRA if she flat out refuses to text you back no matter what you tell her.

If that’s the case, then you need to check out my stealth text messaging program that will make it impossible for her NOT to reply to you.

I’ve got a streamlined, field-tested system designed from the ground up to trigger a woman’s emotions – whether she wants to or not.

You can learn about it by clicking HERE and start applying my killer texting techniques as early as TODAY.

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