Seduce A Woman | Fairytale Seduction

Seduce A Woman – Fairytale Seduction

Joey Mulligan

Hey all! Joey here again and I’m here today to talk about an issue that a lot of men struggle with:

How to seduce a woman.

I tell you what, there are a lot of mentally difficult things for a man to take charge of when it comes to courting a girl in this day and age, but none is more difficult for some men than taking it to the next level when trying to seduce a woman.

Have you been here before…?

Things are getting hot and heavy with a girl you’ve been dating. She invited you in and all indicators are pointing towards the big score! You’re kissing and you can tell she may want to take it to the next level, and as your hand creeps slowly down her waist, you feel hers grab yours and she says “mm-mm.”

You probably get so damn frustrated and start begging her and asking her why not and all of the chump beta moves that got you here in the first place, right?

Well, we both know that’s the wrong way to go. So, I want to give you the big secret as to why you’re not having any luck trying to seduce a woman, my man…


It’s because women are just a lot more patient than men. As men, if we want to be good lovers and give her the “ride” of her life, then we first need to get over our own ego and not think about getting our own rocks off first in order to seduce a woman.

In order for her to feel comfortable, safe and sexy, she needs to be SEDUCED. So, that brings me to our lesson, today, in “How To Seduce A Woman – Fairytale Seduction.”

If you read up on this stuff, you may have heard of the theory of her brain being the real g-spot in the female anatomy. Well, I’ll tell ya right now, it couldn’t be closer to the truth!

In order for you to trigger her inner wild thang tonight, you need to delve deep inside that pretty little head of hers and give her “the fairytale.”

The key here is, instead of actually DOING what you want to do with her, you have to TELL HER what you’re going to do first. Not only will this let her know that you’re a guy that’s not afraid to take action ahead of time, but you’ll also REALLY turn her on.

So, while you’re making out and kissing around her neck and ears like a good alpha man would do, slip in some subtle whispers to her. Here’s an example…

“Baby, you smell so incredible. I can’t wait to kiss all up and down your neck and slowly take your shirt off to see your amazing body. Then, I want to run my warm kisses all over it, before I totally rock your world and make your body quiver.”

She’ll literally take her shirt off for you. I’m telling you man. You have to tell her the fairytale before she gets the fairytale. You catch my drift? The anticipation of you actually doing these things will really get her going wild and it will most likely lead to a more powerful orgasm when the time comes.

Damn! We’re killing two birds with one stone here.

How productive!

And even if you don’t exactly follow the order of what you said you were going to do, it doesn’t really matter. Even if you skip one of the things you told her you were going to do… it doesn’t really matter. If she asks you about it, or tells you about it, just confidently smile and tell her that you’re saving it for next time.

That’s it for today, boys. Now get out there and seduce a woman tonight!


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