Why you shouldn’t talk smack to a UFC Champ

As kids, our folks always gave us practical advice like “Don’t play in traffic” or “Never run with sharp objects.”

Well, here’s a valuable life lesson to add to that list: “Don’t make fun of people who can kick your ass.”

This guy learned that the hard way when he taunted a girl that she couldn’t beat him in a physical confrontation. As he found out, if you mess with the proverbial bull, you’ll get the horns.


And by “get the horns”, I mean “having a UFC champion throw you down on a hard, flat surface and breaking four ribs.”

Hit that play button a few times to let it sink in. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Of course, you can easily tell that the whole thing was set up, but it doesn’t make that epic, rib-shattering moment any less painful. And even though this was a pre-planned exercise in kick-assery, there were a few important takeaways nonetheless:

#1: It’s Always a Good Idea to be a Gentleman, No Matter What the Situation is

Sometimes, you’ll meet a woman who’ll turn out to be unpleasant, abrasive or just plain rude. It happens all the time, whether you’re first approaching a girl or when you’re already on a date.

Whatever the case, the Alpha Male will always choose the higher ground, especially when the other person is trying to piss him off.

Most men would never tell a woman, “I don’t think you have as much strength and can compete with a man” like Mr. Busted Ribs, but there are guys who like putting down women in more subtle ways.

Don’t be one of them – ditch the PUA routines that involve backhanded insults to bring a girl “down a few notches”.

When I was new to dating (and attraction in general), I’d run into the occasional woman who’d tell me to “f*** off” just for talking to her. Even back then, I knew I’d just make it worse if I tried getting even with a comeback.

Instead, I’d say, “Hey, I didn’t mean to cross any boundaries – it was nice chatting with you though.” Even if an approach goes to hell or a date crashes and burns, being able to walk away with your dignity is always a priority.

#2: If You’re out of Your Depth, Zip It

Keeping a conversation going is always a good thing when it comes to meeting women – but not when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

As you saw in the video, a self-proclaimed white belt won’t get anywhere by talking about martial arts with an EXPERT on the subject.

A better plan of attack would be to PREPARE in advance – read up on the topics that you DO like and go the places where you’ll find women with similar interests.

Whether you’re into abstract painting, rock climbing, heavy metal or quantum physics, there will always be a social circle built on your passions. And once you tap into the right network, you won’t have to struggle just to keep up with the women you like.

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