How to keep your relationship out of the danger zone

#2: Take Control

I don’t mean acting in a possessive way towards your woman. There’s a difference between being the dude who stays in control and being a controlling person.

Ok, let’s say you’re having a fight and she’s feeling emotionally flooded. Should you let that mess with your inner reality?

Ask yourself: Would an Alpha Male allow something like that to lose his frame?

Of course not, which is why you need to keep it together when “it” hits the fan. Don’t tell her to “calm down” because she’s obviously going to lose it if you talk down to her like that.

Instead, get a hold of your own feelings and be that masculine presence she can lean on.

Your strength of character encourages trust and respect in the long run, so remember to keep it steady even when the boat gets rocked from time to time.

#3: Be Yourself and Keep it Real

Ok, any healthy relationship is supposed to help you grow and improve as a person. But at the core of your being, you should still be that fun, interesting guy she first met.

One of the worst things you can do to your relationship is use it an excuse to slack off. Never stop cultivating those qualities you had to begin with, such as being driven, focused and generative.


If anything, she’ll like you all the more for staying Alpha – it will keep you from being a hollow, boring shell of your former self.

Don’t be a clingy guy and expect her to hang out with you all the time. She’s another person with her own stuff going on – you need to respect her space.

Ever notice how insecure guys are always trying to tell their partner what to think or do when they’re worried that she’s “not feeling it” anymore? Well, the problem with that is you can’t tell anyone how to think or act.

The antidote to needy behavior is to keep living your life as an individual on some level.

The pursuit to achieve your full potential shouldn’t falter – even after welcoming an incredible woman in your life.

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Stay Alpha,

– Carlos Xuma

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