How to Sleep with a Girl AND Make Her Your Girlfriend

You know, I’ve been helping men broaden their sexual horizons and improve their love lives for years now, and I’ve realized something. There are tons of resources out there that teach men how to attract and bed gorgeous women;

From dating seminars to PUA boot-camps to the thousands upon thousands of eBooks and websites around, there’s never been a better time to be a man trying to learn how to get laid. But what about the man that wants to find and attract a beautiful woman, seduce her and make her his girlfriend?

Somewhere along the way the wider populous of the seduction community seems to have forgotten that sleeping with a woman sometimes isn’t the final destination. They seem to have forgotten the fun that’s still to be had once you wake up next to each other for the first time.

So if you’re the type of guy that’s looking to get the girl of your dreams into your bed and have her stick around for a while more, what exactly should your game plan be?

Well for starters you need to…


Be the best possible version of yourself

You know that age-old and clichéd piece of dating advice about how you should “be yourself?” Well, that’s a load of useless crap. What you really need to focus on is being the best possible version of yourself.

You see, it’s relatively easy to flirt and charm a woman into your bed with a bunch of lines and routines.

But the problem with this is that she’s not going to wake up next to a stack of lines and routines in the morning. She’s going to wake up next to you. And in order for her to want to stick around, she needs to like what she sees.

A huge mistake that a lot of men getting into the dating and seduction community make is that they get so obsessed with improving their “game” that they forget and neglect every other part of their lives. These men usually have lot of success in the short term but tend to crash and burn out in the long term.

So how do you go about being the best possible version of yourself? This might sound deceivingly simple, but I think that all you need to do is pick something that you’re passionate about and do the shit out of it.

When you do this everything else starts falling to place. You see, when you apply yourself to something with passion and drive you start unlocking all sorts of crazy potential that you never knew you had. You think women respond to a guy with great stories and cool routines? You’ll be mind blown by how they fall over guys with great stories and a great life.


Be aware of her relationship situation

Have you ever been in a situation where a woman seemed totally into you but suddenly mentioned that she’s in a relationship and then started to slowly stave off your advances?

You see, the harsh reality is that the majority of attractive women that you meet will often be in a relationship of some sorts. She could either have a long term boyfriend or a casual fuck-buddy.

But this doesn’t mean that she’s entirely satisfied with her current situation. This is exactly why you should take the time to find out a woman’s particular situation and let her know that you are conscious of it.

When a woman understands that you’re aware of her specific situation she doesn’t have to worry about you committing some sort of social faux pas, and this allows her to freely explore the romantic and sexual possibilities available with you.

Whenever I meet a woman that I find attractive I make sure to ask her what her relationship situation is. I don’t really skirt around the fact like some dating gurus might advocate. Not only is this good seduction etiquette but it also allows me to gauge her expectations and intentions.

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